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Dr. Huseini Qazvin’s debate on Hazrat Zahra (peace be upon her)’s Martyrdom on Al-Mostaghela channel
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Dr. Huseini Qazvin’s debate on Hazrat Zahra (peace be upon her)’s Martyrdom on Al-Mostaghela channel

England-based “Al-Mostaghela” satellite channel, is a channel established to defend Sunni‘s beliefs and has already had many controversial debates and its official claim they have had almost fifty million audiences. They have tried to disrupt brotherly relationships between Shia and Sunni.

A while  ago, this channel announced a new subject for debate and invited Muslims to this debate and claimed it was trying to prove that there was no true narration in Shia and Sunni Islamic sources about Hazrat Zahra ‘s martyrdom and they claimed that they wanted to close the file of annual Shia mourning for Hazrat Zahra.

 Shia leaders who were aware of the bad background of this channel in provoking Shia and Sunni religious’ emotions, first asked Muslims not to participate in this debate; but as this channel’ effort was to schematize between Shia and Sunni, they invited sheikh Janahi, one of the Iraq ‘ s scholars, and also Sabah Al-khazaee as one of the Shia  thinkers. Their new way of schematizing was inviting these people into the program and denying many of the proven Shia principals. Because Mr. Janahi was not an expert in the knowledge of theology and also Al-khazaee’s claim about being Shia was fake.

As it is mentioned in the text of the debate, some of seminary Marja (grand jurists) and leaders specially ayatollah Makarem Shirazi contacted ayatollah Huseini Qazvini immediately and asked him to participate in this debate and cancel the new plot of Wahhabis in scheming between Shia and Sunni. They asked him to show all the world Muslims the existing narrations about proving Hazrat Zahra (peace be upon her)‘s martyrdom.

On the other hand, Dr. Kurani contacted this channel and introduced him to the channel officials and told them that if it was supposed to present real opinions of Shia in this program, they should invite Mr. Kurani to your program.

The first participation of Mr. Qazvini was the fourth program from the beginning. In the last night’s programs, by subtitle and host ( Dr. Al-Hashemi) frequent tricky methods, the channel insisted on this point that Shia’s claim based on Caliphs’ insults to Hazrat Zahra, is not true and there is no evidence to prove it.

However, with the attendance of Dr. Huseini Qazvini in the first program, everything changed and the process of the story was exactly the opposite of the expected process and the program continued and finished the other way. It means that not only was the plot of creating conflict and dispute between Shia and Sunni blocked, but also proposing Sunni narrations about Caliphs invasions to Hazrat Zahra (peace be upon him) and also Shia true narrations informed many of the people and Sunni people about this event.

Mr. Qazvin’s speeches and enlightenments in the debate caused Sunni participant and also host of the program to withdraw from their position increasingly. Then by changing the subtitles, and stopping a few nights ago tumult and hullabaloo, they accepted the invasion and misscarriage and breaking her side and martyrdom of Hazrat Mohsen (peace be upon him) and only sufficed to this point that Omar and Abu Bakr did not directly participated in this measure.

Although the forces of the debate were unequal and all the present people including Dr. Al-Huseini, from Bahrain Sunni people, Dr. Abu Shavareb, from Egyptian Sunni people, Dr. Al Hashemi, the Sunni manager of this debate, and also Sabah Al-khazaee who is originally Sunni but introduced himself as Shia, were all against Shia, the wisdom and awareness of ayatollah Huseini Qazvini canceled their claim and proved the legitimacy of the Shia belief in this area to the right-seekers. A platform which was made to create conflict and dispute between Shia and Sunni became a device to express the oppression done to Hazrat Zahra by different narrations.

Due to his measures, the debate atmosphere and the irrational behavior of the debate manager- Dr. Al-Hashemi- changed showing  the TV officials were upset with the effects of the debate. By the help of Allah these irrational behaviors failed and Shia succeeded in the debate.

Following Shia success in the debate, ayatollah Makarem Shirazi appreciated ayatollah Qazvin’s efforts and said: “the current behaviors of some of leaders of Sunni people about Hazrat Zahra’s martyrdom shows their complete desperation and has proved their weak point that we should use this weakness in the best way.”

After this debate some of the Qom’s seminary scholars and leaders appreciated ayatollah Qazvin’s efforts and expressed their happiness about his participation in the debate.

It is important to mention that after this debate many of Sunni people from different countries including Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Germany,…contacted this institute and ayatollah Qazvini and by pointing to Hazrat Zahra (peace be upon her )’s innocence , were willing to learn more about Shiism and said that despite of the al-Mostagele channel officials’ efforts, in the next year’s mourning ceremony not only Shia but also Sunni people will hold mourning ceremony for Hazrat Zahra.

Following this debate some other events happened one of which was the participation of one of the most famous Emirates families in debate and their conversion to Shiism.

It is important to say that the Persian translation is done exactly according to the Arabic text which has been converted from its original video, thus it can be the best evidence to prove Dr. Huseini Qazvini’s success in this debate; this is a measure that Wahhabi sites have not  dared to do so yet.

 In the end, we suggest you to study the debate text completely and carefully to the last sentence.

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The forth night of the debate and the first night of Dr. Seyed Mohammad Huseini Qazvini

The program manager’s speech

Dr. Qazvini speech

Dr. Qazvini’s remarks about the history and background of Hazrat Zahra mourning:

 The Nahjol Balagha narrations that express invasions

Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) also quotes this speech from his father:

The story of Hazrat Zahra (peace be upon her)’s martyrdom in Sunni people books:

1. Joveini‘s narrations about breaking the rib side of Fatima (AS) and misscarriage

2. Ibn Taymiyyah remaks about invasion story

3. Tabari narrations

Answer to the problems of Sunni people about the narrators of this narration like Ibn Hamid

Other narrations about invasion and misscarriage

Some evidences that expresses many conflicts between companions

Inviting to the unity and avoiding disputable issues

Al-Huseini speeches:

Al-Huseini criticism of Dr. Huseini Qazvini

Accusing Shia of lack of virtue and reproaching others

Al-Huseini criticism of Joveini’s based on Zahabi who has said about him that: he is Hatil Allail

Rejecting al-Hussein’s speeches by Dr. Huseini Qazvini:

To reject al-Hussein’s claim, Dr. Huseini repeats Zahabi’s saying

Correcting the evidence of Hazrat Zahra (peace be upon her)‘s martyrdom narrations

Dr. Abu Shavareb speech:

Claiming that the invasion narrations are fake!!!

Amir al-Momenin speech in Nahjol Balaghe is not an evidence for the invasion to Hazrat Fatima!

Doubt about Kafee book and its narrations


Animadverting Dr. Qazvini‘s reasons

Dr. Huseini Qazvini‘s answer:

Brother Abu Shavareb did not bring even one reason:

Contemporary Sunni scholars’ opinion about the story of invasion:

The answer of Dr. Husseini Qazvini about the Sunni claim saying that all Shia scholars reject Salim Ibn Qheis book:

Dr. Huseini Qazvini about Salim Ibn Qheis book which is now among Shia:

Dr. al-Hashemi’s speech:

His speech about rejecting fake narrations (even if they have correct evidence!!!)

Al-Hashemi speech about Omar’s conquests:

Claiming that the Shia has not brought any reason for his claim in the story of invasion yet!!!

Al-Hashemi’s speech addressing Omar Ibn Khattab and apologizes him for presenting these speeches in al-Mostaghela channel:

Where was the brave Ali Ibn Abi Taleb?

Why has Islam become a religion of intrigue, deception and revenge?( they mean Shia Islam)

Sheikh Mohammad al-Khazaee’s speeches:

Narrations about invasion while the invasion has not happened:

Cutting al-Khazaee’s speech by al-Hashemi and preventing its completion:

Some events happening in this part of the program:

The sixth night of the debate and the second night of Dr. Seyed Mohammad Huseini Qazvin’s participation

Al-Hashemi’s speech

Summary results of past programs

Dr. Huseini Qazvini‘s speeches

Apologizing for not participating in last program

Searching about Ibn Abi Shaybah’s evidence

Discussing about Balazari’s narrations evidence

The third narration: Tabari’s narration about threatening to set fire

The fourth narration: narration about Abu-Bark’s regret about Hazrat Fatima (peace be upon her)’s home invasion

Discussing about Alvan Ibn Davood, a narrator who has problems

Emphasizing on the need to respect Sunni people and refraining from insulting

The difference between historical cases and insult to caliphs

Asking Abu Shavareb not to claim that Shia does not even have one true narration to prove thier claim

Rejecting al-Hussein’s claim based on Dr. Huseini Qazvin’s fraud and lie

Rejecting the problem that Shahrestani has rejected the quoted materials from Nezam

Answering to this that: Ali Ibn Abi Taleb has interdicted chest-beating in mourning ceremonies

 Talking about Amir al-Momenin’s speech about preventing companions from cursing

Abu Shavareb’s speech

A narration that accused Omar but it has been fabled by his enemies

Discussed narrations are not reasons for the crime

Claiming that all the narrations are weak (pay attention to the reasons!!!)

Some of Ahlol-Beitnarrations that have praised caliphs!!!

Claiming that Ali Ibn Abi Tale made homage immediately

Narrations from imams (peace be upon) them in praising Abu Bakr and Omar

Ali Ibn Abi Taleb’s speech addressing Omar: you are the supporter and protector of Islam and Muslims…

Ali Ibn Abi Taleb said about Omar that he is Muslims leader and guardian

Imam Bagher ‘s praise about Omar Ibn Khattab!!!

Zeid Ibn Ali Ibn al-Huseini‘s narration in praise of Omar and Abu Bakr

Imam Bagher: I do not deny the virtue of Abu Bakr!!!

Abu Bakr and Omar were two honest just Imams who were in the right path of Allah…

Other narrations!!!

Proving Fatima’s home invasion is high above cursing companions!!!

Mr. Qazvini! Why don’t you curse companions?

Why do Shia Marjas curse companions? Khomeini…

The presence of companions have brought Islam up to here

A person, who curses and insults the companions, is heretic!!!

The origin of curses has been the hatred that some fire worshipers have had of Abu Bakr and Omar

Sabah al-Khazaee’s speech

The conclusion of Dr. Qazvini’s speech is that what both caliphs have brought is invalid

Narration as a witness to the claim

Claiming that Shia’s remarks is without any evidence!!! Like Shakespeare stories

You and Marjas provoke people to curse

Javaz Latm means protest to divine destiny

Another story from Dr. al-Khazaee

Objection to Fadak story

If Allah’s prophet granted Fadak to Fatima, what else  did has he granted to his wives and other children?

Another story from al-Khazaee

Did Abu Bakr take Fadak for himself or for Muslims?

Asma bent Amis, Abu Bakr’s wife and after that Ali Ibn Abi Taleb‘s

Verses which implying praising of caliphs

Iraqi Marjas have caused migration out of Iraq and also clan wars!!!

All these narrations are fabled stories

The conviction of Salahe Ddin Ayyubi is not important. We should praise him for his conquests!!!

Closing: some defense of Shia!!!

Al-Hashemi speech for inviting al-Huseini to start the speech

Who in the world can put Abu Bakr and Omar on trial?

Our goal is to destroy Shiites plans and their making up a fuss and  their holding mourning ceremonies.

Al-Hashemi’s speech against Lebanon Hezbollah

We will see how many Shia would attend  Fatima‘s mourning ceremony next year!!!

Ali Ibn Abi Taleb’s speech does not prove the crime of Abu Bakr and Omar!!!

Repeating that we will see that the number of the people who attend Fatima’s mourning ceremony will decrease next year

Al-Huseini‘s speech

We will repeat these debates each year to stop Shia’s attending mourning ceremony

Allah’s word: O Lord! Forgive us and our brethren who have preceded us in faith

I can‘t talk to Dr. Huseini Qazvini calmly because he has disturbed all my thoughts and mind (by mentioning some facts from Sunni books)

Jafar Ibn Mohammad‘s hatred towards those who hate Abu Bakr and Omar

Al-Huseini and returning to the subject of cursing the companions

Narration “if my friends remind me, I will forebear”

Al-Huseini accused Dr. Huseini Qazvini of fraud again and tried to inculcate audience with his fraud!!!

Salam TV broadcasted a program about Abu lo lo‘s virtues!!!

Al-Hashemi speech and asking Dr. Huseini Qazvini’s explanations about Salam channel

Telling the story of Fatima‘s home invasion is an insult to Omar and Abu Bakr

 If Abu Bakr and Omar are Ahlol-Beitenemies, so both are pagans; do you accept that?

Al-Hashemi’s speech about the publishing a subject in al-Abhath al-Aghaediye center

Asking al-Huseini to answer posed questions

Answer us with a narration that proves the home invasion!!! We want it from you

Why do you excommunicate Fazlo Allah? Because he has denied these narrations?

You cause companions to be cursed and insulted by correcting invasion’s narrations!!!

Returning to Dr. Huseini Qazvini’s speech

Asking questions about al-Huseini’s claim about Salam channel

Dr.Huseini Qazvini’s answer

A wired question from Abu Shavareb

Instead of Dr. Huseini Qazvini, al-Hashemi answered Abu Shavareb’s question

Al-Hashemi’s question: Mr. Huseini Qazvini ! Do you want to take back Abu Bakr and Omar’ charges?

Dr. Huseini Qazvini‘s answer to the audience question

Al-Hashemi repeats the question

Rejecting Dr. Huseini Qazvini

Al-Hashemi‘s explanation about the reasons of holding these debates

What is your idea about invasion’s narrations?

Dr.Huseini Qazvini‘s answer

Al-Hashemi: Amir al-Momenin’s speech does not imply Fatima side breaking and misscarriage

This is a proven story between Shia and Allah is aware of authenticity of reasons but narrations are true

Al-Hashemi: we do not accept the authenticity of the story and the ultimate concept of the story is threat

Al-Hashemi : what is your own idea about the invasion story?

Hashemi ‘s final defense of Wahhabism at the end if the program

Al-Khazaee‘s final insult to Shia at this episode

The eighth part of the al-Mostaghela channel debate about Hazrat Fatima (peace be upon her)‘s martyrdom virtues

The third and last night of Dr. Huseini Qazvini‘s participation in the debate

Returning to discussion with Dr. Huseini Qazvini

The introduction to the basic question

Al-Hashemi asked Dr. Huseini Qazvini not to charge Abu Bakr and Omar

Dr. Huseini Qazvini‘s speech

Answering to al-Huseini ‘s claim that said Dr. Huseini Qazvini does not know Arabic well

The goal of Dr. Huseini Qazvini‘s participation in the debate and quoting ayatollah Makarem Shirazi’s word

Contradiction in Sunni‘s claims in this discussion

Although al-Hashemi had promised not to stop Dr. Huseini Qazvini’s speech, he did it again!

Dr. Huseini Qazvini: Joveini’s narration implies rib side breaking and misscarriage

Explaining Faraeda al-Samtin narration from Joveini

Al-Hashemi‘s weird answer to this narration

Al-Hashemi’s fallacy in reasoning

Dr. Huseini Qazvini’s speech about Sadr and Zeil of the narration

Dr. Huseini Qazvin‘s speech about Sunni contradictions in their way of conducting this debate

Al-Hashemi accepted that Omar Ibn Khattab issued the threat

A narration that implies Abu Bakr supported Fatima (peace be upon her)’s home invasion

Abu Shavareb’s claim about Tabari’s narration is not correct because Tabari does not prove it in his narrations!!! And also claiming that the narrator is Abu Mokhanaf!!!

Claiming that Tabari is a historian, he does not have wisdom, so his narration could not be true!!! (Even if its evidence is true)

Abu Shavareb requested to tell the true narration once more, without answering to Tabari’s narration

Dr. Huseini Qazvini’s answer: all Sunni books except Bokhari and Moslem have not been proven

Al-Hashemi asked to narrate a narration which is not Sunni one

Hassan Farahan Maleki Wahhabi’s speech about invasion narrations being correct

Nile poet‘s poems about the invasion story

Abdol Fattah Abdol Maghsud‘s speech about proving Fatima (peace be upon her)‘s home invasion

The audiences in the stadium could not weaken Dr. Huseini Qazvini’s narrations

Al-Hashemi claimed that Farhan Maleki‘s speech!!!

Nile poet’s poems just implies threat (threat is not important to them!!! )

Rejecting Hazrat ayatollah Sistani (may Allah protect him)’s charges:

Although they claimed that all should defend any absent person, al-Hashemi repeated his claim against ayatollah Sistani

Dr. Huseini Qazvini‘s answer to al-Hashemi’s speech

Al-Khazaee’s interference about accusation

Al-Khazaee: some words from one Shia to another one

Dr. Huseini proved that al-Khazaee is not Shia

Dr. Huseini Qazvini and narrating narrations from Imam Sadegh and other Imams

Al-Hashemi repeated his claim against ayatollah Sistani once more

Shia’s narrations about invasion story

Al-Hashemi did not let him say Sunni sources that have mentioned this narration

Al-Hashemi claimed that he agreed with Dr. Huseini Qazvini’s speech that said Sunni reasons have finished!!!

Dr. Huseini Qazvini’s answer to this claim that Shia has accused these two caliphs

Abu Shavareb stopped Dr. Huseini Qazvini’s speeches, despite the fact that they had promised not to do it!!!

Claiming that Shia is talking around the subject not talking to the point!!!

Abu Shavareb’s answer to Shia narrations: Imam Sadegh and Imam Bagher have not been eyewitnesses!!!

Al-Hashemi requested Mr. Huseini Qazvini to listen to other guests of the program

Abu Shavareb: all the narrations that Dr. Huseini Qazvini mentioned are heretic’s!!!

Dr. Huseini Qazvini: are certain narrators heretics?!!

Dr. Huseini Qazvini talked about his purpose of mentioning narrators who curse caliphs

Dr. Huseini Qazvini’s answer to Abu Shavareb who said that Imam Sadegh (peace be upon him) has not presented in the scene

Al-Hashemi: the results of the discussion with Dr. Huseini Qazvini was great

Al-Khazaee’s speech

I am Shia and I could not imagine a day that I would have to defend Umar Ibn Khattab

I am Shia and ayatollah Qazvini told me that: you are not Shia; because I said; I am not Shia!!!

All Shia Marjas are Iranians!!!

Clan war in Iraq is a political war

Hazrat Zahra‘s home invasion incident is an American lie

Knowing Abu Bakr and Umar Ibn Khattab  as criminals means killing all Sunni!!!

Each caliphate has some features.

I have to forget all these fable stories

Al-Hashemi’s question from al-Khazaee: has invasion occurred or not? Al-Khazaee: no, never

Abu Shavareb speeches

Al-Hashemi really endured Dr. Huseini Qazvini!!!

Dr. Huseini Qazvini’s method does not succeed because their reasons and methods are based on false and tricky stories.

An evidence for contradictory quotations

Abu Shavareb accused Dr. Huseini Qazvini that his methods followed tricky methods!!!

Charging Dr. Huseini Qazvini that he has proven sheikhs crime and says: I do not insult them

Charging and insulting Shiism

Claiming that there is no true narration between Shias about this story!!!

Abu Shavareb believes that: some of real narrators insulted Omar and Abu Bakr that they were frauds

Ali Ibn Abi Taleb made homage from the beginning!!!

Ibn Kathir narration that implies Fatima’s satisfaction from Abu Bakr!!!

Abu Bakr and Umar Ibn Khattab  requested Ali (peace be upon him) to pray on the body of Fatima (peace be upon her):

Shia is acting on these kinds of lies:

Abu Shavareb: a text from Imam Khomeini that permits Sunni‘s cursing and insulting

Shia narrations against some of Sunni famous figures

Quoting a speech from Seyed Nematollah Jazayeri against Sunni

Abu Shavareb closed his speeches by addressing Dr. Huseini Qazvini :

One who accused companions of something, is out of Islam

Last words of Abu Shavareb about invasion subject

Dr. Huseini Qazvini’s speech to reject Abu Shavareb claims

Al-Khazaee and Abu Shavareb said that: one who hates companions actually hates Islam; what is your idea about this issue?

Abu Shavareb answers Dr. Huseini Qazvini ‘s quotation from Seyed Nematollah Jazayeri :

Answering to Imam Khomeini’s accusations

Talking about Omar and Abu Bakr’s crime is not good for Islam today and it is one of the plots conducted against Islam

Hazrat Zahra (peace be upon her)’s martyrdom is not a new subject

Dr. Huseini Qazvini: cursing Sunni or insulting their beliefs is not permitted

Dr. Huseini Qazvini: Imam Khomeini has quoted insulting permission from sheikh Bohrani and then denies it strongly

Dr. Huseini Qazvini’s answer to anti Shia narrations about the people from different lands

Introducing Shia scholars book about invasion story by Dr. Huseini Qazvini

If Sunni wants to remove accusations from companions, they should remove existing insulting narrations

Dr. Huseini Qazvini: we should follow our great Marjas in Islamic unity

Dr. Seyed Mohammad Huseini Qazvini’s debate in a Wahhabi channel “al-Mostaghela”

About Hazrat Zahra (peace be upon her)‘s martyrdom quality


Islam backgrounds about facts and founding

Events have caused Muslims history to have some traits and unique characteristics. Relationship with religion, Shariah, and prophet (peace be upon) him and his family’s Sirah( tradition)  are their most important ones; because as non-Muslims historians were recording kings memorials and the culture of their tribe and nation, their Islamic counterparts were recording movements and behaviors of the holy prophet (PBUH).

The additional benefits of Islam history is its frequency of the incidents and topics; in this regard, you do not find any incident unless a lot of materials from different perspectives have been allocated to it, and this history is far from any myth and superstitions that you can see in other history books and cultures.

Another outstanding and noticeable point in the history of Islam is complete and correct access to Islamic adventures and incidents as they really occurred. And this familiarity is conditioned by deep research and complete knowledge of the quality of the access to events and factors that have contributed to these incidents for us and also the events which have been effective on the way of their quotations. The history is responsible for this important issue.

Maybe by contemplating in recorded history, you can recognize some of defects and damages that have occurred to them. Researchers for the truth clearly found that at the trajectory of these incidents happening in the history there are some missing points and there are some gaps in truth’s timeline.

There are some recorded incidents in the history that have been damaged and their  chapters have not been completed; for instance, we can point to wars of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and his family. When a researcher is trying to explore the wars of prophet, comes across some questions that cannot find any answer for them in history books….

Also the same can be said about Amir al-Momenin( peace be upon him)’ s courage and fames in battlefields and otherwise; like his faith and his obedience to Allah, purity of conscience, insight purity, strong faith, and his assistance to poor and deprived people; points that history has not explained it clearly and has hidden its details and explanations from us.

Another distorted point in the history of Islam is Qadir’s day events. It is an incident which is one of the most important events of Islam history and it proves Allah’s special favor towars his prophet (peace be upon him and his family), a story that Allah’s prophet endured many sufferings and hardships in the way of its realization and despite of many threats, he could deliver his last sermon to that great community. A sermon , after being informed by Allah about his death approching, he was committed to deliver in order to complete his prophecy to survive and improve Islam and its worthwhile way and by this public announcement and people’s comply, guaranteed them against the danger of deviation and perdition and by determining the his successor  completed  Hojat to that population; but… .

The same problem occurred in Saghife story, a story which is one of the most dangerous incidents in the history of Islam and it has had an important role in trajectory of Islam after Allah’s prophet (peace be upon him and his family)’ s demise. In fact it is a subject about which there are still many questions requires the review of accrued incidents, challenges, and its findings.   

Also you cannot ignore the history of Ahlol-Beitand overlook it, because although they have had a high dignity in consolidation of Islam pillars and their continuum on its way and verses and narrations which that have been sent down based on the necessity of their friendship and love; we can understand historians thought-provoking default in recording this period of the history.

And also there are many stories and incidents that deviation, anxiety, and stresses have changed and darkened their real face; for example some of prophetic behavior (peace be upon him and his family) stories….

How Osman was murdered by revolutionaries and the role of some of companions and the sedition which rose against it … are some other examples.

Abdollah Ibn Saba’s story and the contradictions that historians have recorded about him and Wahhabi‘s insistence on his relationship with Shia are all aginast Shia’s emergence and its continuum, and is along with Islam history… .

And also many of other incidents and stories which have been distorted and converted completely and have been recorded inappropriately. Such as Radde companions wars, Malek Ibn Navire’s story, and creating other fraud events like Khaled Ibn valid’ s championship legends and his role in Islamic wars and victories… .

On the other hand, in quoting some of historical events, there are such disagreements whose results ,based on their way of expression, are changeable. For instance the issues about Hazrat Zahra (peace be upon her) and her oppositions with sheikhs (Abu Bakr and Umar Ibn Khattab ) and their violent measurements taken against her and finally causing her anger and dissatisfaction.

Surly this historical defect comes from processes and factors that have had contributed to forming today’s situation.


 Effective factors in forming today’s situations

1. Ijtihads (personal ideas and opinions)

Islamic history researchers and scholars by exploring, commenting, and also analyzing history can well understand that many of existing events and incidents are the result of historians’ personal opinions.

We can name the effective factors in picturing history as it is now, as follow:

A . The holy prophet (PBUH) (peace be upon her) ‘prevention from expressing some of historical facts

One of the most important factors in forming current history is some companions’ effort not to say the facts that prophet (peace be upon him and his family) was trying to say when he was sick and close to death.


He was trying to guarantee his Ummah guidance by writing a will and prevent them from their deviation and mistakes, because he had some plans in his mind -especially for choosing an Imam after himself- in order to make a picture of Islam’s future to prevent changes after his death. But some companions prevented this and by their action they made some changes and deviations in Islam’s course.

Obliterating verses and Hadiths

Another factor whose importance is not less than the first factor is some of companion‘s effort to obliterating some verses and narrations issued by prophet (peace be upon him and his family). And also burning the first period companions’ Qurans, that included many valuable heritages regarding incidents and the means of revealing of verses and also the meaning of verses and chapters of Quran which all could form the Islam history in another way.

Preventing from compiling Hadiths

The other important factor in emerging current history of Islam is companions’ efforts in preventing others from gathering and compiling Prophetic Hadiths and surly it has not only been limited to great prophet narrations and sayings, but also it has included all narrations that were recorded his internal mood and reactions…

Preventing from quoting Hadith and limiting narrators

Our discussing subject is not just limited to narrations’ gathering and compiling, but there were some limiting policies for preventing quoting Hadiths and also for narrators. This is another important factor that has been a very outstanding role in changing the history of Islam. After Allah’s prophet (peace be upon him)’s demise, his tradition suffered from these difficulties and problems for over a century. And when these limitations were lifted was a time that the period of companions had finished and it means: different kinds of possibilities such as deviation, fraud and obliterating the narrations without any deterrent factor and these did not only include prophet(peace be upon him and his family)’s words and Hadiths, but also many of incidents and events of that time; particularly if that incident was related to Ahlol-Beit ( peace be upon them) and Amir al-Momenin(peace be upon him)’s braveries.

2. Governments’ policies

The other important factor in recording current history of Islam was successive governments in Islamic nation. The remarkable point in this regard is Bani Omayyad dynasty with the background of first recording and compiling the history and Hadith. After finishing the restriction period and under the shade of first history compiling, the tendency and attitudes of this government which are obvious to all -particularly their tendency toward opposition and animosity against Ahlol-Beit(peace be upon them) and also their effort toward governmental fraud, deviation, cheating, bribe, and threatening- have remained their own work in every part of the history. And following by that the Abbasiyan dynasty and their dual policy in all aspects and areas in order to stay in government as long as possible. A policy that on one hand followed severe hostility policy towards Umayya dynasty ,because of their conflict in taking the government, and on the other hand, with the slogan “Satisfaction of the family of Muhammad, peace be upon them” tried to return Ahlol-Beit(peace be upon them)’s lost right. But their actual bias was achieving government and continuing to govern Muslims.

As these two dynasties and their advocators used pens on the direction of their own government, they also removed all historic principals which were against their attitudes.

We can realize from this point that the history has been recorded with major weaknesses during this stage and has had negative impacts on later periods. Thus by looking at the pages of history, we can see numerous insults and wrong things that stem from rooted prejudices and they have talked about kings’ fun, games, and comic preliminaries a lot, although have little said about vital issues that would cause Muslims’ honor and dignity and the secrets of their unity and strength which would increase their cultural heritage. And unfortunately some of historians have acted with real and undoubted events issues in historical texts and works of these two periods of time with the sensitivity more than their own enemies and have rejected any true criticism and conflict. The reason is the lack of knowledge of the truth and validity of these events, so they were not able to relate events and incidents properly.

3. Ideas and intellectual infrastructure     

Attitudes and tendencies have had an obvious effect on writing the history of Islam, the historians usually records the history based on his own past thoughts and backgrounds, for instance we point to one of these cases which is about Caliphate …,on this issue, Zahabi says: “what is among us and also among our scholars not only must be hidden but also must be obliterated and rooted out in order to pure our hearts and fill our hearts with love and satisfactions of companions, and this concealment is essential for public and also all of scholars.”

Ibn Hajar says: “some writings have issued from some people like Ibn Ghatbiye that although they are very valuable and have a high dignity, it is better not to mention some materials which have been removed from that. And if there is no other way except mentioning those materials, you should narrate them based on Sunni principals.”


Tabari says: Hesham quotes from Abi mokhanaf that Yazid Ibn Zebyan Hamedani told him that:

When Moaviye became Caliph, Mohammad Ibn Abi Bakr wrote some letters to Moaviyeh Ibn Abi Sofyan that I hate to tell them because Sunni and others cannot stand hearing them. And also he says: Vaghedi mentions many reasons for returning Egyptians and their move toward Osman with woods in their hands. We have said some of those reasons before, but some of them are such bad things that we abominate to tell them.

The importance and sensitivity of some incidents in the history of Islam       

These effects of historians on history lead to the emerging different religions and sects. Writing and compilation the history of Islam as it is now, has some ambiguities and biases in some of historical incidents; because there are some important and sensitive events and incidents that have had different effects and consequences on religious conflicts between Muslims and could show the depth of their conflict…, on top of the list of these incidents and events there is story of Hazrat Zahra (peace be upon her)’s home invasion and desecrating to her…

We do not intend to put on trial the agents of invasion, but we are trying to have an opinion about this historical incident. According to historical texts, the invasion and desecration has surly occurred; but the details of the story are not clear in the historical evidences.




In The name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful

The fourth night of the debate

And the first night of Dr. Seyed Muhammad Huseini Qazvini

The speech of Al-Hashemi, the channel manager:


Hashemi: dear audience, in this part of the program we discuss about Shia’s different reasons, arguments, opinions, and narrations about insults and invasion to Hazrat Fatima(peace be upon her)’s home. In this part, we try to explore narrations creditability that Shia uses them as evidence and to see how credible and valid these documentaries and evidence are . A subject that (according to Shia’s claims) Abu Bakr’s animosity and Omar Ibn Khattab’ protections lead to Hazrat Fatima Zahra (peace be upon her)’s side breaking, misscarriage, and burning her house.

This debate reviews the history of Islam in the early centuries. A debate that has been conducted based on free discussion and bold criticism and its criticism and exploration have been inspired by European countries experiences. In the culture of this land (West and Europe) they try to promote their religion heritage based on courage and wisdom but through free and clear discussion and develop the culture of tolerance and peace in Arabic and Islamic societies. They try to negate the logic which through bias leads to violence, animosity, and hatred towards each other.



 Welcoming program’s guests:

Our guests who are now busy with their piles of papers- and because of that there may occur some problems and noise in our microphone, during the program- are Mr..:

Hassan Al-Huseini from Bahrain from “ al-al Val Ashab community “, sheikh Mohammad Al-Khazaee “ Iraqi politician” , Dr. Mohammad Mostafa Abu Shavareb “ the chairman of Arabic language Sector of Development College of Eskandariye University”, and ayatollah sheikh Mohammad Ali Janahi from “ Iraqi Shia scholars”.

In this program, we try to search and criticize the incident of Lady Fatima Zahra (peace be upon her)’s home invasion in order to reach an ultimate idea of debate guests.

Now let’s go to main subject of the program: discussing about a subject which Shia has many claims about and usually talks about . The subject is [Hazrat] Fatima’s claim on Fadak as her own heritage and also her opposition against homage to Muslims’ Caliph.

For the information of those audience who have not succeed to follow the debate, I have to tell that our Shia brothers, I mean Mr. sheikh Khazaee and sheikh Janahi are still trying to find a reason from Imam Ali [peace be upon him]’ s sermons and his Hadiths in this area in order to prove that Imam Ali[ peace be upon him] has talked about his wife home invasion. And also they are trying to find a verse or even a line from Sunni books to prove home invasion incidents and basic arguments such as house burning, side breaking, and misscarriage.


Shia drawbacks in referring to a letter that implies invasion:

Although the proofs  were asked to be from Nahjol Balagha, they were not from that source:

Yesterday ayatollah Janahi and Sheikh Muhammad al-Khazaee represented a letter from Imam Ali [peace be upon him] and stated that: this is a letter from Nahjol Balagha, and it is Badr Battle for first Caliph about Fadak document, while it became clear that it is not from Nahjol Balagha. The content of this letter which is not acceptable, is about Abu Bakr and Omar Ibn Khattab hostile invasion, and says they were in error and misguidance and accused them of having a grudge for battle of Badr. The first Caliph, Abu Bakr, who was prophet ( peace be upon them [and his family])’ s companion in cave, and the second Caliph who was Iraq, Fars, Syria, Egypt, Jerusalem , Libya, and a vast part of middle East conqueror. These two persons were both trying to vengeance the battles of Ohod and Badr, and they were never against prophet (peace be upon her [and his family]) in those battles, at that period of time.  

This letter was introduced in the third part of the program suddenly, and Dr. Abu Shavareb rejected it because he knew it was fraud and deviated.

2. In this letter, there is no reference or clear talking about the details of invasion:

As it is always the case, in this letter there is not even one case that points to Lady Fatima [peace be upon her] ‘s home invasion and basic events around it: i.e. burning the house, side breaking, and misscarriage.

“Al-Abhath Al-Aghaed” announcement based on no clear text about invasion incident:

As I had promised to sheikh al-Khazaee and dear audience I will read the published book from “Al-abhath Al-Aghaediye” center that is related to one of the greatest Shia Marjas in the present: i.e. Hazrat grand Ayatollah Seyed Ali Sistani. This book is stating that why there is no clear text about discussed subject.

A remarkable point- sheikh Khazaee- is that in this polished book from this center there are some points which need close attention and you dear audiences from Tunis and Tehran pay close attention to what this center has said about the reasons that why Imam Ali[ peace be upon him] has not argued about attack on his wife, Hazrat Zahra[ peace be upon her], breaking her side, and misscarriage.

The title of the book is: “ Maasat Al-zahra pece be upon her” written by Seyed Ja’afar Morteza Ameli.

The writer of the book, in the third volume, at top of the page 204 says:

[Imam] Ali Ibn Abi Taleb did not need to explain something that was not hidden to anybody.

Many have asked about the reasons that why Imam Ali peace be upon him has not referred to this incident in his arguments with others, while this subject could be counted as a very strong and important reason against them (Omar and Abu Bakr) and could provoke public emotions against them from different directions. However, in the explanation of this ambiguity we say:

1. This matter was not hidden to anybody that [Imam] Ali wanted to tell to others and explain about. And it was not necessary for him to explain occurred incidents in his arguments; particularly the issues which have been clear and obvious to all.

Stating the invasion story by him was public emotion provoker, but Ali Ibn Abi Taleb’ method and way was based on patience and tolerance, in order for the situation not to get drawn up to armed war.

2. The situation and conditions of that time did not have the emotions provoke tolerance, but the most important thing at that period of time was tolerance and relaxing tense environment so that it did not lead to chaos and unrest which in that case, it was the opposite of prophet (peace be upon him and his family)’s command based on peace and no armed war. And this would cause religion weakening and could provide a situation for invasion to Islam, a point that Amir Al-Momenin has also clearly mentioned it in Nahjol Balagha and other places.

Imam Ali (peace be upon him) has stated the incident peacefully.

3. Mr. Sheikh Al-Khazaee, pay attention! He [in his book] says: why do you say this issue has not been mentioned? While Imam Ali (peace be upon him) expressed and explained this issue when he knew there were no prevention of expression, but gently and with soft words; because Caliphate is not a personal issue that would be negligible and forgivable by apologizing.

Allah’s Prophet (peace be upon him and his family)’s command to Ali Ibn Abi Taleb based on tolerance and patience:

4. He says [in book ”Ma’asat  Al-Zahra”]: stating and  drawing attention to their (Omar and Abu Bakr) opposition to commandments of Allah and his prophet (peace be upon him and his family) were more important that expressing the events and incidents inflicted upon his wife; because this is the scale of right and wrong. Personal annoyance- Lady Fatima Zahra’ s home invasion-  mental sufferings were compensable and resolvable by soft and kind words, and also with apparent humility, repentance, and apologizing; so that people would realize that there were not any excuses left for being silent.

Abu Bakr and Omar efforts to get Lady Fatima Zahra (peace be upon her)’ s satisfaction before her death are the best reason for this claim.

         “The end of Seyed Ja’afar Morteza Ameli’s words”

He also mentions some other useful materials in his book which are related to our controversial subject.

Dears, pay attention! This man [Seyed Ja’afar Morteza Ameli] as the spokesman of “al-Ahath al-Aghaedeye” center related to ayatollah Sistani says: he is trying to find a speech so that you can find out that why [Hazrat] Ali [peace be upon him] has not revealed the reason of hiding the occurred incidents- including invasion and misscarriage. Whereas the presence of Abu Bakr and Omar, and seeking Hazrat Fatima [peace be upon her]’s forgiveness and satisfaction before her death, is the cause of their guiltiness in this incident.

Completing the narration problems by Al-Hashemi: why has [Hazrat] Fatima mentioned Fadak story, but has not mentioned the story of invasion and Caliphate usurpation?

Hashemi: why did not she talk about these issues with Abu Bakr and Omar when they came to Hazrat Zahra to seek her forgiveness? Our brothers tell us: we are willing to know the answer. We answer them back that:

1. Although she did not talked about her home invasion story, she has not stated Fadak and Caliphate usurpation story that Mostadal has resorted to them. An issue [ Caliphate usurpation] which he counted as the greatest sins.

As a result, although she has not talked about this issue [her home invasion and …], has not talked about Caliphate usurpation. Thus someone with this attitude may say that: [Hazrat] Zahra [peace be upon her] did not count Caliphate usurpation, as a usurpation to talk about it with them in that meeting.

Completing Seyed Ja’afar Morteza Ameli’s stated issues:

He says:

2. Mentioning this issue for them should be based on certain motivation and purpose. And she did not have any motivation to talk about this issue in that meeting, since that meeting was not for chiding or punishment or trial, so mentioning their faults was useless. In fact it means that her only motivation and intend was the ultimatum about narrations which she had heard from her dear father about him and it was necessary they confess and if they did not confess this issue, Hazrat would not talk to them even a word and by this work she showed her position against them for many ages and centuries and did not give them any other opportunity to pose another situation to talk about the incidents that they had caused to happen and bring some excuses and justify themselves as these incidents have been some mistakes that have happened depending on special circumstances and under special conditions such as their uncontrollable anger and emotions and … .

So actually his [Seyed Ja’afar Morteza Ameli] idea is: she did not let these issues bring up through her special wisdom which was the best was, so that they could not close the document of this issue by apologizing and that is why we see that she held the meeting very short and prevented from its prolongation. The only thing that she said in that meeting is: “O Allah! You are the witness that these two persons bothered me.”

Repeating this claim that Ali and Fatima had not said anything about the story of invasion:

Dear audience! I showed you these remarks and now you should judge, Lady Fatima Zahra [peace be upon her] does not argue with those who have committed this crime to her!His husband didn’t bring up the issue and did not argue about it and Shia brothers [Shia participants in debate] say: he has not talked about this issue because he has been involved in resolving Muslims problems and he believed that it is not the time to talk about these issues. In fact, there are other priorities that are much more important to him than personals issues.

Now you think about these speeches and answer me: are these reasons reasonable? She promoted her high position by this work and did not talk about those doubtful subjects which Sheikh Al-Khazaee and Ayatollah Janahi insisted on their occurrence last night and her husband and scholars did not argue about those issues as well, Ok! What do we argue about now?

I provide participated guests in the debate with these materials to deepen the discussion. Here I have to mention one more point- with all the things that were said- we do our best to recognize the truth and welcome different ideas about this issue, and we hope that these scientific discussions lead to free Arabic minds free from superstitions, inanition, hatreds, biases, and vengeances- pay attention! These are our common goals- let’s contribute in promoting the culture of freedom and tolerance and contrapuntal in Arabic communities.

Introducing Dr. Seyed Mohammad Husseini Qazvini and saying welcome to him:

Dear audience! In addition to our honorable guests participating in program, we have one more guest who gave honor to this part of the program. He is Dr. Seyed Mohammad Husseini Qazvini.

Dr. Seyed Mohammad Husseini Qazvini, the teacher of Qom seminary and head of Hadith group and member of academic board of Ahlo-Beit international University, who has a Marja(grand jurist) degree from grand Ayatollahs. The noted characteristics that were presented about him, show his full competence to comment about these issues.

We had a call from our great brother Dr. Seyed Mohammad Huseini Qazvini two hours before the start of the program that he declared their will to participate in this program or other parts to discuss with us in a frank and clear debate and he notified us that one of Marjas had asked him to participate in this program and explained about some of ideas of the program.

We welcome Dr. Seyed Mohammad Husseini Qazvini; it is remarkable that he is related to [Hazrat] Fatima Zahra and [Imam] Ali Ibn Abi Taleb [peace be upon him]. I told him that: I appreciate you help and our honorable Iranian brothers’s who during their free discussion try to deepen the relationship between Arab and Iran based on true and reasonable principles, not deepen it based on foundations of lie, hypocrisy, and dissimulation. [pay close attention to these Al-Hashemi’s entirely insulting and offensive expressions used against Shia! So where are all those claims of freedom? How much distance is between the claims of someone who wishes confronting and opposing with clan prejudice whose products were nothing but hatred, violence, and schism at the opening speech with Dr. Huseini Qazvini, He shows this difference in his words and his action. Isn’t it the sign of exact prejudice and hatred?! ] 

And today you are dear to me and to “Al-Mostaghela” channel, so because of that we allocate the first 20 minutes of the program to you so that  you talk about the subject of the program. It is the longest time we have ever allocated to the guests of previous programs; after brother Abu Shavareb and brother Al-Khazaee’s ideas about your speech, you will have 10 more minutes to talk. Then we will return to program guests and guests in the stadium, and talk with brother Najafi about some issues. Today, I try to add to the time of the program in any way, even half an hour, to listen to some of the audience call or at least read the name of some of them who have sent us letters, Emails, and faxes so that  they assure that we have received them.

We go to Qom and Islamic Republic of Iran and say hello to Dr. Seyed Mohammad Huseini Qazvini.

Allah’ s peace and merci and blesses be upon you(Al Salamo Alaykom Va Rahmatollah Va Barakato)

Hashemi promised not to cut Dr. Huseini Qazvini’s speech during his speech:

Hashemi: Mr. Huseini Qazvini, Allah blesses you. There is a watch in front of me and another one in front of Sheikh Muhammad Al-Khazaee which shows the time so we start now and as we had promised you, we allocated  a full 20 minutes to you. please start with reliance on Allah. The program’s dear audience and we -Al-Hashemi and guests of the program- are all ears to listen to your speech. Please go ahead!

Dr. Qazvini speech     


Dr. Qazvini:

I seek refuge with Allah from the accursed Satan

In the name Allah the beneficent, the merciful

و به نستعین و هو خیر ناصر ومعين الحمد لله والصلاة على رسول الله وعلى آله آل الله..

First: first of all I have to apologize to you for some of mistakes that I might  have because of my lack of full mastery over Arabic language; although it has been our ancestors’ language, maybe I cannot speak clearly and I may have some difficulties in eloquent expression of contents. So I apologize to our dear audience for some of errors of speech from the beginning the program.

Second: let me have a criticism of “al-Mostaghela” channel. And I would like my dear brother, Mr. Hashemi, to listen to my criticism patiently and accept it because we have Hadith which says: May Allah bless anyone who can gift me my faults

فرحم الله امرءاً أهدى إلي عيوبي.

First interruption of Dr. Huseini Qazvin’s speech by Hashemi because of mentioning some of problems of “al-Mostaghela” channel!!!

Hashemi: I have a suggestion. Although I have promised you to give you a full 20 minutes to talk, I have to cut your speech here. I am completely ready to hear your criticisms. Of course we have talked thirty minutes on the phone before. And if it is necessary, you can call us to discuss about some points.

Secondly: I can stay on the line and listen to you after your speeches about the main topic of the program finished.

Why must the reward of kindness be anything else but kindness? Why do not deal with the best ethics? I respected you and gave you half an hour time and gave you a chance to talk to 50 million Arab people all over the world, but you blamed me for nothing and start your speech by criticizing Al-Mostaghela. My dear friend and brother! Please contact me via mobile phone and talk to me. I will give you my phone number right now so that all audience could hear it. Although I remembered that you have my phone number, I will give it to you 30 minutes later.

May Allah bless you and give you the grace, dignity, and superiority and fill your heart and all Iranian hearts with happiness. Now please start.



Dr. Qazvin’s speech about the history and background of mourning for Hazrat Zahra:

Dr. Huseini Qazvini: regarding Hazrat Zahra (peace be upon her)’s story which is the subject of the discussion of al-Mostaghela channel several night, I should say that: believing in martyrdom of this great Lady is not a new subject nor the product of Shiism or their made-up issue or the invention of new generations. This is a story which is rooted in history.

The Shia has long believed that Fatima Zahra (peace be upon her) has been martyred innocently and, so because of that Shia has held mourning ceremonies on her martyrdom anniversary in mosques and religious sites for centuries and never have has insulted companions during mourning ceremonies.

I ask dear brothers and audience to watch and pay close attention to all Iranian TV programs which covers all Hazrat Fatima Zahra(peace be upon her)’s mourning ceremonies, especially those by the supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei( May Allah protect him). You can see that there is no sign of violence or insulting to companions or even mentioning who the murderers have been or who has insulted Hazrat Fatima Zahra(peace be upon her), and in our pulpits we just talk about the innocence of Hazrat Fatima Zahra(peace be upon her) based on narrations from Shia heritage, Nahjol Balaghe, which narrates Ali Ibn Abi Taleb (peace be upon him)’s speech- or we resort to Imam Husein (peace be upon him) in Kafi or Imam Kazem (peace be upon him) about Hazrat Fatima(peace be upon her) martyrdom, without any need to emphasize on murderer or the cause of martyrdom.

I suggest all of my Shia brothers from all over the world who are listening to  me, pay close attention to this speech of Amir al-Momenin and Imam Kazim (peace be upon them) which are in Nahjol Balaghe and Kafi book with correct documents.

Narrating the narration from Nahjol Balaghe which implies invasion

Regarding Dr. Hashemi’s speech about Hazrat Fatima (peace be upon her) martyrdom story or her innocence that said: whether we have a word from Hazrat Ali Ibn Abi Taleb’s language in Nahjol Balagha or not? I should say that:

Some of brothers in studio said: this story is not in Nahjol Balagha. While his speech in sermon 202 of all Nahjol Balagha exists and in which Amir Al-Momenin(peace be upon him) has talked about Hazrat Fatima Zahra(peace be upon her) death. He says that:

   فلقد استرجعت الوديعة وأخذت الرهينة، أما حزني فسرمد و اما ليلي فمسهّد فأحفها السؤال واستخبرها الحال

[It is said in narrations that Imam Ali (peace be upon him) has said this addressing to prophet (peace be upon him and his family) while he was burying Fatima (peace be upon her)]

[O prophet!] Now I give you back the trust you had given me and the hostage was taken back, but my sadness is forever and I will be awake all nights from now on. Ask her to tell you her destiny clearly and the details of occurred events….

What does this sadness mean? It mean: My sadness is for Hazrat Fatima (peace be upon her) martyrdom or death and from now on I will be awake all nights until I die and I join you again. These words are said addressing Allah’s Prophet (peace be upon him and his family). Then he said: soon your daughter will inform you that how your Ummah transgressed her, ask her about the details of occurred events and her destiny. These words are said when she is dead a while ago and her memory has not forgotten.

It means: the Ummah agreement on Hazrat Fatima’s oppression and martyring her. Ask her to tell you the details of occurred details and her destiny. These words are said when he is dead a while ago and there is no distance between her life and death yet.

These are Amir al-Momenin(peace be upon him) speeches in Nahjol Balagha, sermon 202.

Imam Hosein (peace be upon him) quotes the same sermon from his father:

Imam Hosein (peace be upon him) quotes this story from his father, Amir al-Momenin (peace be upon him), in Kafi book, first volume, page 458.

Muhammad Ibn Jarir Tabari also quotes this story from Imam Husein (peace be upon him) in Dalael ol Emame book, page 138, and Sheikh Mofid quotes in AmAli book, page 282.

The story of Hazrat Fatima Zahra (peace be upon her) martyrdom story in Sunni books:

 1.Joveini narration implies her side breaking and misscarriage:

Here is a point that I have to mention to the brothers in studio and draw your attention to this issue that: the story of Hazrat Fatima (peace be upon her) martyrdom is not just for Shia, but some of Sunni scholars like Joveini (died in 730 AH) who is a professor of Zahabi, has mentioned it.

Introducing Joveini’s personality:

About his professor, Zahabi says: “الإمام المحدث الأوحد الأكمل فخر الإسلام” (he is the leader and he was one of the most distinguished and most complete people who narrate Hadiths and he was the honor of Islam).

   This is Zahabi’s idea about his professor.Tazkeratol Hafaza book, vol.4, p.1505.

The narration text:

Joveini in his book quotes from Allah’s prophet (peace be upon him and his family) that:

أنه لما رأى فاطمة دخلت على بيته قال: لما رأيتها ذكرتُ أو ذُكرتُ ما يصنع بها بعدي، كأني بها يعني كأني بفاطمة قد دخل الذل بيتها وانتهكت حرمتها وغصب حقها ومنعت إرثها وكسر جنبها وأُسقط جنينها

When Allah’s Prophet (peace be upon him and his family) saw Fatima entered his house, said: when I see her I remember of what will happen her after my death. I see her with my eyes that hardship has entered her home, his respect and dignity has been violated, her right has usurped, she has deprived from her own heritage, her side is broken, and her fetus misscarriage.

These are the words of Joveini, Zahabi professor.

 (وكسر جنبها وأُسقط جنينها) وهي تنادي يامحمداه فلا تجاب وتستغيث فلا تغاث فتكون أول من يلحقني من أهل بيتي، فتقدم علي محزونة متعوبة مهمومة مغصوبة مقتولة

While she cries O Muhammad!, she does not hear any reply and cries, but nobody helps her. She is the first person from my family who joins me, she comes to me as she is tired, sad, worried, her right has been usurped, and she has been martyred.

These are Joveini’s words, Zahabi professor, in Faraed Al-samtin, vol.2, p. 34.

The same narration is Shia books:

The same phrase has been quoted in Amali book, Kafi book, and the book of Salim Ibn Qeis.

And the story of Hazrat Fatima Zahra’s home invasion is not just Shia books (peace be upon her) and I ask all brothers presenting in stadium that think about materials in Sunni brothers’ books about this issue.

2.Ibn Taymiyyah’ s speech about invasion story:

Ibn Taymiyyah, a Wahhabi Imam, has also mentioned the story of invasion.

He in his book Menhaj Olsanah Vol.4, P.220 says: he [Omar Ibn Khattab] invaded into Hazrat Fatima to see if there is anything from Muslim treasury  [public fund] to take and share in between poor people.

So the story of Hazrat Fatima Zahra (peace be upon her)’s home invasion is a proved issue that even Ibn Taymiyyah could not deny.

3.Tabari’s narration

Tabari narrates from Ziyad Ibn Kalb with evidences in his history book.Vol.2, P. 443:

أتى عمر بن الخطاب منزل علي وفيه طلحة والزبير ورجال من المهاجرين فقال: واللّه لأحرقنّ عليكم أو لتخرجنّ إلى البيعة، فخرج عليه الزبير مصلتاً بالسيف، وعثر فسقط السيف من يده فوثبوا عليه فأخذوه.

Omar Ibn Khattab was going toward Ali’s house while Talhe, Zobair, and a group of refugees were at home. Omar said: I swear to Allah! Whether I burn you or get you out of the house for homage. At this time Zobeir got out of home while he had a sword in his hand, suddenly his foot sled and the sword fell off his hand. Others came quickly and took his sword.

About last night’s material that dear brother Abu Shavareb and brother Al-Huseini said about the weakness of this narration’s evidence; If brother Al-Hashemi is willing, we can discuss about the narrators and evidences of this narration one by one in order to prove that our discussing narrations in Tabari history book is true.

Answering Sunni objections about some of narrators like Ibn Hamid:

And about Ibn Hamid that brother Al-Huseini said: he was a liar; I have to tell you this is the idea of some of Sunni Rejal science scholars. But we have to know what the others ideas are.

Yahya Ibn Moein has said about him that: he is authentic; there is no objection to this; he is a very good narrator. These proves have brought in Tahzib Al-kamal Mazzi book, Vol.25, P.101 and Zahabi Islam history, Vol.12, P.425 (which is counted as one of the most reliable Sunni RejAli book).

Mentioned biases about Ibn Hamid, cannot stand against his proves:

About the weakness of this narrator I have to say that: this weakness has been mentioned about many of Sunni narrators even Bokhari. A person who knows Sunni Rejal Sceince emphasizes that there is no narrator unless he has been weakened and even if there are some true evidences about him, he will have some weaknesses too. So if we are supposed to leave any narrators, due to his mentioned weaknesses and do not accept his saying, so we have to refuse and leave all narrators even Mohammad Ibn Ismaeen, because Zahabi has said about him that: he is fraudster. And he has classified him in the group of week narrators. You can refer to Zahabi’ s book, Mizan AlEtedal, Vol.3, P.485 and also AlMoghni Fi AlZoafa, Vol.2, P. 557.

Another narration which implies invasion and misscarriage:

The story of Hazrat Fatima (peace be upon her)’s home invasion has also mentioned in AlMosannaf Ibn Abi Shibe book,Vol.8, P. 547, and it is one of the true narrations.

Ibn Abdol Bar Ghartabi has also brought the story of invasion in Alestia’ab book, Vol.3, p. 175. He says:

«إن عمر ضرب بطن فاطمة يوم البيعة حتى ألقت المحسن من بطنها

Safdi is one of the Sunni great man. He has brought this story in Al-Vafi Belvafiyat book, Vol. 5, P. 347. He says: “ Omar hit Fatima’s stomach and Mohsen was aborted.”

Ibn Hajar Asghalani has also quoted this story in Lesan Almizan book, Vol. 1, P. 268.

Shahrestani who is one of the greatest Sunni scholars in sixth century, has quoted this story from Jahez. He says:

إن عمر ضرب بطن فاطمة يوم البيعة حتى ألقت الجنين من بطنها، وكان يصيح أحرقوا دارها بمن فيها وما كان في الدار غير علي، وفاطمة، والحسن.

On homage day, Omar hit Fatima’s stomach and she aborted and as she was shouting, he burnt her house with people (Ali, Hassan, Fatima) in it.

Almelal Valnahal,Vol. 1, P. 57, published in Beirut Darol Marefa.

Many proofs that shows different disputes among companions:

Many of Sunni people and their scholars have mentioned this story and we draw our Shia and Sunni brothers’ attention to the disputes among companions.

Regardless of Hazrat Fatima (peace be upon her)’s problem with first and second Calipha, there is a question here: how can we ignore the occurred incidents among companions in the story of Jamal and Saffein battles, and Osman Ibn Atan’s murderer, the third Calipha?

Sunnis who denies something that has happened between Fatima (peace be upon her) and Omar, what do they want to say about companions gathering against Osman to prevent to bury him in Muslims cemetery and finally burying him in Jews cemetery?

Or what about Jamal battle that according some sayings, 4000 innocent people were killed?

Or what about Saffein battle that more than 100000 Muslims were killed from Amir Almomenin (peace be upon him) and Moaviye’s army?

Inviting to unity and not mentioning the disputable issues:

Although these stories have been recorded in the history and are deniable, I have to draw my dear brothers’ attention to this point that: we do not insult or curse companions of prophet by mentioning these stories. We should tell the stories and events without mentioning the issues that cause division and grudge among Muslim Ummah.

About holding Hazrat Fatima (peace be upon her)’s mourning ceremonies inside or outside Iran, we recommend our dear brothers that they talk about companions stories at any time they want, but be careful not to cause Sunni brothers’ suffering and sadness.

In some channels like Salam or other channels, we have always warned and said that: any kind of insult or curse to Sunni brothers’ believes is and unforgivable sin at this time.

Some nights ago, three of Sunni scholars from Zahidan, Iran, came to my home and we talked with each other about this subject almost 4 hours.

We also recommend Shia dear brothers in seminaries, universities, conferences, and scientific meetings in TV channels to observe these issues.

Now I have to tell to Dr. Abu Shavareb that read a phrase from Allameh Majlesi (RH)’s book, Jal’a Aloyun, that:

Allameh Majlesi died over 4000 years ago and no Shia imitates him now.

I ask my dear brothers to pay attention to their great Marja’ s Fatwas in Najaf, Qom, Mashad, and Tehran and specially pay attention to supreme leader(Allah protects him) and observe how he talks about historic events and the legitimacy of Amir Almomenin (peace be upon him) and his right and definite leadership without insulting any of companions.

Dr. Al-Hashemi! Dear brother! We request that you not pose these issues in Al-Mostaghela channel, in this way. Because posing these issues the way you do, leads to division and differences and provokingSunni brothers against Shias in different countries.

This is my only request from dear brothers.

Dr. Al-Hashemi, now I am at your service. If you have any question or need more explanation, I can answer in this remaining time.

Hashemi: May Allah give you long lifetime and protect you. I thank you for your descriptions and explanations.

But to be honest, I cannot thank you clearly from your explanations; because I am surprised by many of materials that you have said, however I say that: praise to Allah that we had this opportunity to keep our promise and as you requested [means talking without cutting Dr. Qazvini’s speeches, of course they promised to do so at the beginning of the program and violated it close to the end of the program] we did not cut your speech.

I will transmit your speeches to brother Alseyed Hasan AlHuseini[one of Sunni participants] and other brothers directly in order to if they have any more explanations or details, add it. Then we will return to stadium again.

Al-Huseini’s speeches:

Al-Huseini: In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful and prayer and peace be upon the best creation of all, our master and our dear prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and his family.

Shia and Sunni Muslims in all Islamic countries!

Peace be upon you and also Allah’s mercy and blessings.


Al-Huseini’s criticism of Dr. Huseini Qazvini:

Since Dr. Huseini’s language is not Arabic he does not have mastery on narrations!!!

First: Dr. Qazvini apologized due to his lack of mastery over Arabic at the beginning of his speech. As a result he certainly has difficulties in understanding some of Arabic texts!!!

The antiquity of [Hazrat] Zahra’s martyrdom story does not imply its truth

Second: The antiquity of story does not imply its truth because there are many materials that have recorded in books, but they are wrong.


(Up to here, you can understand from his objection to Dr. Huseini Qazvini that Hazrat Zahra (peace be upon her)’s story is not a new story and it is rooted in history.)

You claimed that you do not insult companions while mentioning these materials are counted as insults to them!!!

Dr. Huseini Qazvini says: we do not insult companions in Huseini ceremonies. I don’t know if the materials that you mentioned are not companions’ cursing and insulting, so what are other things that you would count as insults to them?

Now you represented practical reasons for insulting and cursing companions I mean Abu Bakr or Omar. Verbs Rafs (to kick), Ghatl ( to murder), and Seght Janin (miscarriage) are all insult and curse!!! Then you cursed and insulted Bokhari in public. So it is a practical reason to prove our claims.

My Seyed brother! Preventing from unity, and your method and approach hurts Islamic unity.


(What Dr. Huseini Qazvini mentioned were all from Sunni books and he even did not mention one narration from Shia books, so if these materials and narrations are counted as curse and insult to companions, how their scholars have brought these narrations in their books with true evidences? Sunnis have to answer this question)

Claiming that all quoted narrations are weak they are still searching for a true narration:

My brother! Unfortunately I have to say that we discussed with Ayatollah Janahi the first night, then with Ayatollah Khazaee, and after that with Shammari, and no with [Dr. Huseini] Qazvini; while we do not need lots of people and more and more names, but we need a true narration. Is my request very hard to do that you cannot bring even one narration with true evidence? Mr. [Dr. Huseini] Qazvini! I’m sure you did not refer to those books that you quoted narrations from them.


(Dr. Huseini Qazvini mentioned these narrations: a true narration from Tabari history, a narration from Joveini, a Zahabi professor, with changes that Zahabi has brought for his professor, like Imam, Almohadeth, Alohad Alakmal, Fakhrol Islam, and also Sunni scholars witness such as: Ibn Taymiyyah, that implies Fatima(peace be upon her)’s home invasion)

Al-Huseini’s speech about Shahrestani- who he is the writer of Melal va Nahal- has criticized Nezam who is the narrator of invasion story

The problem of all narrations that you quoted from Sunni books and I surfed them in Internet, and Ayatollah Janahi also mentioned them yesterday and we rejected all of them is that you have not read them and the reasons of their rejection. As a brief it means that these narrations have not mentioned in Melal va Nahal book, but Shahrestani has brought these narrations in his book and rejected them and also has criticized “Nezamiye” to mentioning these misleading materials. Now you say that Shahrestani has quoted this material.

Dr. Al-Hashemi: excuse me! Wait a minute, wait a minute. You mean Shahrestani has rejected these narrations?!

Shahrestani criticize Nezamiye sect and rejects it and mentions their void and misleading materials and says: Nezamiye says this and that….Omar did this and that….And cheaters forged Hadithes, so their names have brought in books. Tabari says, Ibn Shibeh has said the other person and the other one and other one has said so. You wanted to show you have many different evidences while all of them are forged and weak.

Al-Hashemi: for example today they know how to increase someone’s dignity well. They resort to any narration in favor of him and when they want to show someone less important or bring his dignity down, name him Satan of Satans, and act the same for anyone else. It means that you act according to situation and conditions.


(Dr. Huseini Qazvini did not claim that Shahrestani has said that, but he clearly said that Shahrestani has quoted this from Nezam.)

Al-Huseini criticized Joveini because Zahabi has said about him that: he is Hatib Lail.(it means: a person who is not careful in quoting Hadith and says whatever comes to his tongue.)

Al-Huseini: the odd point here is that Mr. Qazvini constantly says: Joveini, Joveini, while his real name is Muhammad Ibn Moayad Ibn Hamaviye. He [Dr. Huseini Qazvini] says: he [Joveini] is Zahabi’s professor. He [Joveini] is Zahabi’s professor…, what has Zahabi said about his own professor? He said: he (his professor,Joveini) has been Hatib lail.

O Seyed! [AdDr.essing Dr. Huseini Qazvini] he has been Hatib Lail. He collected double, triple, and quadruple Hadithes, false narrations,…

O Sheikh! [He mean Dr. Huseini Qazvini] fear of Allah! We are in front of millions of audience, you quote false forged narrations and distribute between people. And after all you say: we do not curse companions.

You yourself are the biggest reason for companions’ curse and insult!!!

Al-Hashemi: materials are clear.

Dr. Qazvini! You have two minutes, and then two minutes to reject Abu Shavareb’s speech, and after that you will have two minutes to reject Sheikh Al-Khazaee’s speeches. Use your two minutes and reject Al-Hashemi’ s peech.

Rejecting Al-Hashemi’s speeches by Dr. Huseini Qazvini

Dr. Qazvini repeats Zahabi’s speech again to reject Al-Huseini’s claim:

Dr. Huseini Qazvini: Brother Al-Huseini says this narration is forged and false.

Claiming is something and its proving is something else. Another point is that: Zahabi about his professor says “Al-emam”. Who can he call his professor” Imam” on one hand, and on the other hand calls him ”Hatib Lail” ? On one hand in book Tazkerat olhafaz, vol.4, p.1505, he calls him “Almohadeth Alohad Alakmal”, but on the other hand calls him Hatib Lail….

Correcting the evidence of Hazrat Zahra (peace be upon her)’s martyrdom narrations

Dear brother [Al-Huseini] requested me to bring a true narration, so I mentioned many true narrations. For instance I pointed to Tabari narration and Ibn Abi Shibe narration.

Expressing some of  Rejal ‘s evidence about Tabari’s narration evidence:

The first narrator in Tabari History’s narration is Jarir Ibn Abde Alhamid.

Ajali says about him that: he is Kufi and authentic. Ibn Sa’ad in Altabaghat Alkobra says about him that: he is authentic and knowledgeable.

 The second narrator is Moghayare. He is the son of Meysam and he is authentic. Ibn Hajar Asghalani in Thzib Altahzib and Mazi in Tahzib Alkamal, Vol.2 and Vol.20, P. 400, have mentioned.

The third narrator is Ibn Hamid. He is Muhammad Ibn Hamid Abu Abdollah that I mentioned him before. Yahya Ibn Moein has called himauthentic.

The fourth narrator is Ziyad Ibn Kalb who he is authentic either, and Ibn Hajar Asghalani in Taghrib Altahzib, Vol.1, P. 220, has confirmed it.

Some of Rejal’s evidence about Ibn Abi Shibiye’s narration evidence:

Ibn Abi Shibiye’s narration is also true and there is no doubt about its evidence, but due to lack of time I cannot talk about all materials about narrators ‘evidences. I Just point to these materials.

Muhammad Ibn Bashar is a narrator who is proved by the testimony of Ibn Habban.

Abidollah Ibn Omar is also authentic and Nesayi has proved him.

Zeid Ibn Aslam is also authentic and Zahabi has proved him in Seir A’alam Alanbiya.

Ajli and Bu Zaree have also proved Aslam Alghoreishi Alodvi.

So the evidences of these narrations are true based on Sunni Rejal science scholars’ principal.

And Mr. Al-Huseini has to accept narrations as Sunni Rejal science scholars have mentioned.

Hashemi: Dr. Qazvini! Excuse me for a moment!

Dr. Qazvini: yes!

Hashemi: here we have a short and quick explanation from Dr. Abu Shavareb.

Dr. Abu Shavareb’s speech:

Abu Shavareb:

: بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم والحمد لله رب العالمين والصلاة والسلام على اشرف المرسلين سيدنا محمد عليه وعلى آله وصحبه ومن اتبعه بإحسان إلى يوم الدين خير صلاة وأزكى سلام.

Necessity of Muslims’ unity:

At the beginning, it is necessary to emphasize on the same point that Ayatollah Huseini Qazvini pointed to. And that is the necessity of Muslim’s unity of word. Despite of all those disagreements and differences between methods that exist between us, we have to agree upon the unity of word between Muslims more than any other time.

To keep Muslims’s unity, we have to forget all the past grudges that have been made because of economic and political goals!!!

We have to leave these issues to reach to Muslims’ word unity. This is the same goal and plan that Dr. Hashemi has emphasized on it in every part of the program. It means: to free from past grudges that reminds past memories. Thoughts that if you think on them closely, you will find they are a set of wrong words that have been forged during the history for reaching to economic and political avarices. Of course, it is natural that all the thoughts cannot be forgotten at once. Thoughts that has very complicated background and rooted back to the words of dead people of one hundred years ago.


I don’t know if you mean Sunni scholars who have made this materials against Abu Bakr and Omar Ibn Khattab and … and wrote them in their books due to political and economic reasons, or you mean their students and pupils who have added these materials to their professors’ books?! Because each of these narrations have been brought in Sunni scholars’ books, before they were mentioned in Shia books.

Today, leadership is a useless issue in Iran because Marjas should not interfere in government!!!

The simplest thing in leadership issue and government that we talked about it and what is basic event which religion has tolerated arguments, disputes, and companions’ insults is an event that has totally finished and leadership has not reached to prophet family or even Marjas, rather this is politicians who govern the nations. This is the same in Imamiyeh Shiism today.


(We do not criticize him, because he is not aware that Shia Faghih in past and present have commanded to this issue that if one of Faghih rises to establish an Islamic Government, the other Faghihs have to follow him in government laws.

And he does not know or has forgotten that Wahhabis problem with Shia is that: why the government is ruling by a Faghih in Iran?

Rather he will soon say this that Ayatollah Khamenei has a high dignity in Iran and he is responsible for governmental issues!!!)

Claiming that invasion narrations are forged!!!

So we believe that the invasion story needs a basic reconsideration.

And it can be said in brief that: yes. What Sheikh Muhammad Qazvini [Dr. Seyed Muhammad Huseini Qazvini] said about invasion story and expressed that these invasion narrations are fabricated by Shias and the new inventors, are not true. But we say these are elders’ inventions.

Claiming that the source of these narrations is all Salim Ibn Gheis’ book and this book has not have any evidence until the fourth century.

There is no sign of this book before emerging Salim Ibn Gheis Ameri HelAli’s book. This is a book which is attributed to the author of the first century AH and death date in 90 AH, but its professors have appeared in fourth century.

Claiming that many of scholars and Marjas insult and curse Caliphs in public in their ceremonies

You [Dr. Qazvini] also said that: no one curses and insults companions in ceremonies and the name of the murderer does not determine.

Yes, it is true about formal ceremonies that you mentioned Al-Seyed Al-ghaed Al Khamenei (Allah protect him) ceremony as an example, so in his valuable ceremony and because of his high dignity and responsibility, these insults and curses never mentions; but Marjas and scholars courage common people and children to do so in their public ceremonies!!!

Amir Al-momenin’s speech in Nahjolbalaghe does not imply [Hazrat] Fatima’s invasion!!!

Despite of all beauties in this beautiful text from Imam Ali’s Nahjolbalaghe sermon 202 that we had never heard before and you professor Huseini Qazvini read it for us, I insist on this point that this sermon does not include our discussing subject.[Hazrat] says: «لقد استرجعت الوديعة وأما حزني عليك فسرمد» I return you what you have given me and my sadness will be everlasting.

Where in the text indicates that she was killed? Where in the text indicates that she was martyred? This is what that everyone who has lost his wife and is sad would say. But this is not related to losing Fatima, [Hazrat] Muhammad (peace and prayer be upon him)’s daughter.


(I don’t know if he has forgotten the rest of Amir Al-Momenin’s speech or he is pretending he has forgotten?!! And if he has forgotten Amir Al-Momenin’s speech is based on respecting Hazrat Zahra (peace be upon her) by companions after her father’s death in the time of Abu Bakr caliphate?! Or they want to say that those who invaded Hazrat Fatima’s home have been pagans from Rome and Tatar and who have done these cruelties in Islamic countries and Abu Bakr and Omar and other companions have been unaware of these incidents?!!)

Doubt about Kafi book and its narrations

The other narration that you [Dr. Huseini Qazvini] quoted from Kafi book, Vol.1, P.458, and from Imam Hosein is the same.

An example of contradiction claim in Osul Kafi book:

In fact, my personal opinion about Kafi book is different. I believe that this book is a book full of conflicting and opposing issues. For instance if the Dr. Muhammad [Dr. Muhammad Huseini Qazvini] let me, I will bring a small example. In Osul Kafi book, Vol.1, P.260, [Imam] Ja’afar Sadegh has falsely contributed to Aba Abdellah (peace be upon him) and says: I don’t know.- you see he himself denies his foreknowledge and he rejects his knowledge about what happens in skies, earth, heavens, the universe, and hell. This narration has mentioned about Imams knowledge of universe and nothing is hidden to them.

We also read in this book, Vol.25, P.248, a narration from Sadir that says: Abu Basir and Yahya Bazaz and Davood Ibn Kathir and I were in Imam Sadegh’s meeting that he came to us while he was very wroth. He sat in his place and said: we are surprised of people who assume that we are aware of unseen!! Who knows the unseen except mighty and powerful Allah. I wanted to hit my bondmaid, she escaped and hide in a room, I did not know in which room she was. So Kafi book despite of its high dignity among Shia, consists of many contradictory and conflicting issues…

Dr. Al-Hashemi: your time is up.


(Soon at fourth night, the last night of the debate, we will point to some of Abu Shavareb’s omission and deviation in his speech.)

Criticizing Dr. Qazvini’s reasons:

Ibn Taymiyyah has said this to reject Allame Helli, so his speech is not acceptable for proving this incident.

Abu Shavareb: please give me 30 seconds.

All narrations and news that Sheikh Qazvini [Dr. Huseini Qazvini] quoted from Sunni sources are actually mentioned as rejected materials. [It means that according to Abu Shavareb’s claim, none of these books are acceptable by their writers] as our brother Hassan [al-Huseini] has said to reject quoted materials from Shahrestani’s book (i.e. Al-melal valnahal).

Ibn Taymiyyah has also brought these materials in his book “Menhaj Alkeramat fi Menhaj Alsenat” to reject Allame Helli. He also quotes something from Allame Helli in Menhaj olkerameh and then rejects it. Thus being a narration in Sunni books does not mean that this group of scholars have proved or confessed them.


(Everyone who refers to Ibn Taymiyyah’s book finds out that Ibn Taymiyyah’s aim and truth is something else, and you will find out that there are some true narrations that their rejection is impossible and because of this, the debate participants have resorted to this odd answer. Pay attention to this phrase in Ibn Taymiyyah’s books: وهو ان عمر كبس البيت لينظر هل فيه شيء من مال الله!!! )

Criticizing Ibn Abi Shabih’s book ” Mosanaf ”

First: Ibn Abi Shabih’s book does not mentions true narrations and in this there is not just Hadithes, but true, correct, well, and weak Hadithes and works have also written.

Ibn Abi Shabih’s narration implies the will of invasion not invasion

1. This book’s narration only proves the threat of fire:

Second: if this narration from Ibn Abi Shabih’s book (Mosanaf) is true, this does not show that it will occur sooner or later. But in this book there is just threaten to burn [Hazrat Zahra’s House].

2. Narrator has not seen the incident:

Third: another important point is that: the narrator itself has not seen the incident, because Omar Ibn Khattab had sent him to Mecca. It means that at the time of homage to Abu Bakr and the dispute over Fadak incident, he was in Mecca.

Dr. Al-Hashemi: Mr. [Dr. Huseini] Qazvini go ahead please!

Dr. Huseini Qazvini’s answer:

Brother Abu Shavareb did not mention even one reason:

Dr. Huseini Qazvini: I thank Dr. Abu Shavareb. But he claims that Sunni books’ materials are rejected ones is an unreasonable claim. I request him to explain us what those rejected materials are?


Sunni contemporary scholars’ ideas about invasion incident:

Muhammad Hasanein Heikal’s speech:

One of Sunni contemporary scholars named Muhammad Hasanein Heikal is one of Egyptian scholars in his book “Al-sedigh Abu Bakr”, P.65, says:

 «فبلغ أبا بكر وعمر اجتماعهم بدار فاطمة فاتيا في جماعة حتى هجموا على الدار...».

Omar and Abu Bakr were informed that people have gathered next to Fatima’s house, so they both came to invade the house….

Abol Fattah Abd Al-maghsood’s speech:

 Abdol Fattah Abd Al-maghsood, one of contemporary Sunni great scholars in Egypt, in his book says:

«إن عمر قال: والذي نفسي بيده ليخرجن أو لأحرقنها على من فيها ... قالت طائفة خافت الله ورعت الرسول في عقبه: يا أبا حفص إن فيها فاطمة فقال لا أبالي، وهل على ألسنة الناس عقال تمنعها من أن تروي قصة حطب أمر به ابن الخطاب فأحاط بدار فاطمة وفيها علي وصحبه ليكونوا عدة الإقناع أو عدة الايقاع»

“Omar said: I swear to Allah that my soul is hers, they have to exit the house otherwise, I will burn the house with all its inhabitants in it. Some of people who were afraid of Allah and respected Prophet, said: O Aba Hafs! Fatima is in this house. And she cried out: I’m not afraid! Are people’s mouths closed and their tongues locked that does not tell the story of the wood? “The story of the woods that Omar Ibn Khattab had gathered in front of her house.”

Yes! Omar Ibn Khattab had surrounded the house which Ali and his companions were in it. He wanted either convince them or invade them!

Yes! Even contemporary Sunni brothers have quoted these phrases.

Dr. Huseini Qazvini’s answer to Sunni claim based on rejecting Salim Ibn Gheis’s book by all Shia scholars:

What was said about Salim Ibn Gheis by Dr. Al-Hashemi last night and tonight: this book is false and forged and it is not credible even among Shia brothers, I have to say that:

Sheikh Na’amani’s speech in Algheibiye book about Salim book:

All Shia scholars believe that: Salim Ibn Gheis is a credible book.

Sheikh Na’amani in his book”Algheibiye”, p.102, says: Salim’s book is one of principals that Shia refers it and trusts it.

Seyed Ibn Tavoos’s speech:

Seyed Ibn Tavoos in his book “Tahrir Tavoosi”, P.136, says: this book itself proves its accuracy and value.

Allame Helli’s speech:

Allame Helli in his book “Kholasatol Aghval”, p.83, Hadith says: my opinion about Ibn Salim and his book is this: Salim Ibn Gheis himself is reliable, but pause about written materials in his book.

Other scholars’ speeches:

Allame Majlesi, Sheikh Hor Ameli, Mohaghagh Mamaghani, Ayatollah Khoyi say: the narrator of Salim’s book is reliable, trustable, and….

Dr. Al-Hashemi: excuse me! Wait a minute! Wait a minute! So in your idea Salim Ibn Gheis’ book is a credible book among Shias while there are some odd materials in this book that I will mention some examples for you soon.

Dr. Huseini Qazvini’s opinion about Salim Ibn Gheis’ book which is among Shia now:

Dr. Huseini Qazvini: I -I have been teaching Rejal Science at university and seminary almost 20 years and I’m known as one of Rejal Science experts. Even my book “Almadkhal Ela Elm Alrejal Vaderayah” is one of text books of university and seminary- believe that:

As Ayatollah Khoyi said: we do not know this is the same book that Salim Ibn Gheis has given to Aban Ibn Abi Ayash?

Or by the passage of time something has been added or omitted from it?

But we know that the original book of Salim Ibn Gheis that has reached to Aban Ibn Abi Ayash was a credible book.

Dr. Al-Hashemi’s speech:

His speech about rejecting forged narrations (even if the evidence is true!!!)

Dr. Al-Hashemi: Mr. Sheikh [Dr. Huseini] Qazvini listen to me for a moment! Now it is Sheikh Al-Khazaee’s turn.

Believe that here in England, a democratic state of justice and freedom, when people stand in court and before judge and it is proved that the source of news is doubtable, they do not trust it completely and reject it and if the witness tells a lie and they understand that he has told two narrations for one subject, they will reject him. I mean there is nothing like this here, in England.

Allah knows best that in some Arabic countries, there are many courts that issue their final judgments according to the taste of certain boss or certain official.

But in democratic countries, when you say: this is my believe according to this book and put the sentence before the judge of England, you cannot refer to the same book against someone else like Sheikh Al-Khazaee or Dr. Al-Hashemi [Because it is your personal opinion and is respectful for yourself], let alone you want to refer it against someone who has brought the light of Islam to your land and has encountered divine grace in his way [he means: Omar Ibn Khattab].


(If a person pays attention to Dr. Huseini Qazvini’s speeches, he will find out that what he said about Salim Ibn Gheis book was actually about rejecting Sunni claims; and we do not know why Dr. Al-Hashemi said those words and did not even point to other narrations that Dr. Huseini Qazvini mentioned about discussing subject.)

Al-Hashemi’s speeches about conquests of Omar:

Mr. Seyed guest [he means Dr. Huseini Qazvini] who Allah protects you and makes you happy! Omar Ibn Khattab was not a person who not only transmitted Islam to Iran, but also moved it to Al-Khazaee’s country (Iraq) and then Sham and after that to Jerusalem and then to Libya.

Have you ever heard that Hazrat Christ (peace be upon him) has sad that: you can know the tree by its products and fruits. Do you know that grapes are not harvested from thrones and no throne grows on vines? Due to that if he [Omar] was Fatima’s murderer [peace be upon her], would anyone like him? All the affection of the people who joined the Islam by him, close him to Allah and now a billion of mankind love him and Allah won many countries by him.


(If conquest without spreading Islamic culture causes closeness to Allah, so the people like Cyrus the great and Genghis khan and others who had more conquests must be closer to Allah. And if the value of these conquests is the spread of Islam in these countries, I ask Sunni brothers, did caliph spread Islam in those countries? And if he spread Islam in other countries, why his life and method was the opposite of the soul of Islam?! You yourself in your book have said that: Omar was the first person who discriminated between Arab and Ajam. He prevented Arab from marrying non-Arab and also prohibited non-Arabs from getting office works and being senior officials. He was the first person who discriminating people in giving their share from Beytol Mal. Aren’t that the opposite of Allah’s word in Quran that says: «إن أكرمكم عند الله أتقاكم» (the most precious person in the sight of Allah is one who has more virtue). And Allah’s prophet says: «لا فخر للعرب على العجم ولا للعجم على العرب إلا بالزهد والتقوي.» (Arab does not have any superiority on Ajam, and Ajam on Arab, except by piety and virtue)

And also Omar Ibn Khattab’s speech for announcing two things illegal which were legal in the time of prophet and changing call of prayer and prayer and … did he mean to spread Islam or change it?!!

What happened in Caliphate period that Zahri says: I met Anas Ibn Malek in Damascus while he was sitting alone and was crying. I said him: why are you crying? He said: from all those things that we had learnt, just the prayer was left that it was damaged either, Sahih Tarmazi, Vol.3,P. 302- Jame olelm, Vol.2,P.244-Alzohd valrghaegh,P.531.

Bokhari quotes from Ibn Hasin: He said prayer with [ Hazrat] Ali [peace be upon him] in Basra, after prayer he said: this prayer reminded me of the prayers I said with Allah’s prophet(peace be upon him and his family) because he said Allaho Akbar every time he stood up and sit down. Shih Bokhari, Vol.1, P.190.)

Mr. Seyed [Dr. Huseini] Qazvini! Please pay attention to this phrase before Sheikh Khazaee talks and I swear you to Allah to think about it! Does a person who you accused him of [Hazrat] Zahra [peace be upon her]’s martyrdom says something like that? He appointed Sa’ad Ibn Abi Vaghas as commander of army to free Islamic and Arabic eastern countries from dictatorship and oppressive government. (Dr. Abu Shavareb please pay attention to this sentence closely! This is one of the strangest and unique texts in the history of Islamic Ummah. )

Claiming that Shia has not yet brought a reason for its claim in the story of invasion!!!

Our Shia brothers, who have accused Omar Ibn Khattab of a grand slander, have not been able to bring a certain reason neither from Ali Ibn Abi Tleb nor Fatima Zahra to prove their claim. This person [Omar Ibn Khattab] who appointed Sa’ad [Ibn Abi Vaghas] as army commander and sent him to your country[Iran] to free that land and help Iraqis to free from dictatorship, said to Sa’ad: O Sa’ad! Vahib chilDr.en became prosperous. If they called you uncle and Allah’s prophet (peace be upon him and his family) companion, you shouldn’t inflate with pride! O Sa’ad my parents be sacrificed for you.

Al-Hashemi: in Ohod battle, when the battle got harder and unfaithfulness people closed Allah’s Prophet (peace be upon him and his family), Sa’ad was one the people who resisted and protected prophet. Allah’s prophet (peace be upon him and his family) said him: O Sa’ad my parents be sacrificed for you.

Yes! Allah almighty does not leave any bad or good deed and punish it.

Mr. [Dr.] Huseini and all the people who are related to Ahle Beyit [peace be upon him and his family] listen carefully! And hear this very important word!

While this Hadith had been sent down to prophet, he said to Ghoraish, Sa’ad, and Bani Hashem: no relationship and familial relationship does not lead to respect and esteem unless by Allah’s obedience and virtues.

One of program’s audiences in stadium: Allaho Akbar!

Al-Hashemi completes the narration and says: so people, rich and poor are Alike and equal in front of Allah. Allah is Allah of all and all people are his servants. The people find virtue by the result of their actions.

Will you become virtuous by participating in mourning ceremonies? No! Will you become virtuous by kissing Seyedeh Nafise [in Egypt]? Never! By being wealthy and having lots of money? By having big palaces and castles? By bowing or flattering? No, rather just by worshiping Allah and obeying Allah.


(Al-Hashemi tries to confirm his religion and stimulate people against Shia by these materials and narrations [he narrated by such an excitement and enthusiasm as if he has discovered something new] that are not related to discussing subject. But he does not know that he is acting against companions ‘justice and their sanctity. Because Omar’s speech implies that there is no difference between companions and non-companions and all the people are the same in front of the people except in their right deeds and virtues.)

So pay attention to what Allah’s prophet has said from his بعثت until his death and then act according to that!

Last night Al-Hashemi said that: he [Omar] wanted to take revenge of Prophet in Ohod and Badr Battles.

He said to Sa’ad: If you want to contribute in freedom of yourself and other countries, you would do what prophet has commanded you to do! It means: rescue, guidance, and right path.

Take this advice, if you want to not to be one of losers.


(This narration that Al-Hashemi refers it [and it took a long time] was originated from his knowledge. Because Tabari has narrated this narration by very weak evidences; since Tabari says: Seri quotes from Seif from Muhammad and Talhe… Tabari History, Vol.3, P.4. And it is clear that Seif Ibn Omar is a person who all scholars agree that his narrations are weak. Thus it is not credible. Of course there are some other weak people in the evidence of this narration that indicated this narration is weak and incredible.)

Al-Hashemi’s speech addressing Omar Ibn Khattab and his apologizing from Omar for saying these speeches in Al-Mostaghela channel:

Allah be pleased with Omar Ibn Khattab. O Omar! O my Seyed and my master! I do apologize you since we are accusing you in a channel that belongs you. I really apologize you. But I am sure that discussing about these issues is better than not talking about them and the intrigue remains. An intrigue that [Mr.. Sheikh] Muhammad Khazaee also cursed and maledicted last night and pointed to a material that I explained him why does Al-Mostaghela channel show these scrolling and growing materials? Certainly he himself has participated in mourning ceremonies or he has watched a program in one of satellite channels in which they cursed and insulted Omar and Abu Bakr, Allah’s prophet(peace be upon him and his family), and he has seen that how they teach their young children to curse them. Here, in my computer I have a short movie in which there is an Iranian young child who is not more than 9 years old, but his heart is full of hatred and rancor toward prophet’s companion and as there are many people around him, he is narrating the incidents that have happened to [Hazrat] Zahra.

O my dear master! O Omar Ibn Khattab! O my dear master! O Abu Bakr! O Allah’s prophet companion in cave!

[Sheikh] Al-Khazaee: do Omar and Abu Bakr hear you? And do they listen to you...

Al-Hashemi: I am a scholar and I talk as the scholars talk, implicitly. O my dear master! O Allah’s Prophet Companion in cave! What we do is for removing the intrigue to prevent those who want to foster intrigue and their bad deeds become clear to people. Of course, among them there are still some people who have a little shame to stop them from telling these things about you and your friend [Omar].


(Pay attention to Al-Hashemi’s speech! See how he insults Shia and introduce them from intrigue. Is any more insult and curse to Shia possible?!)

And if they do not do this, at least we will tell the truth on behalf of ourselves in order to people understand it and recognize rancorous and fanatics. And they all know that Islam is the religion of passion not the religion of blood and animosity, it is the religion of tolerance not bias and rancor, and it is a religion of forgiveness since the prophet said to Mecca inhabitants on the day of Mecca conquest and its freedom that: go. You are all free! You see: how difference is this religion with that religion! Where all those odd texts are that say: if you do not curse Omar, you will be cursed and if you doubt in his malediction, you yourself are maledict?!


(it is very unusual that Al-Hashemi calls Omar as he is Alive and then when we criticize him in the program, he tries to escape to reply to this critic and only justifies himself as he is a scholar and talks implicitly, but he completely excommunicate Shias just because they believe that Allah’s prophet (peace be upon him and his family) and Ali Ibn Abi Taleb (peace be upon him) and Imams (peace be upon them) are Alive and like martyrs and they eat by Allah, otherwise he himself talks to Abu Bakr and Omar in front of millions of audience all over the world as if they are Alive!!!

We wished Al-Hashemi would have said who has said: if you do not curse Omar, you yourself will be cursed? Or the narration is in which book, or if we assume this narration is true among Shia, if it has any evidence? Or does…?

And even if there is a weak narration about that, does he have any legal license to conclude against all Shias only with one weak narration? And does reason accepts this?!!)

Where was Ali Ibn Abi Taleb with his great brevity?

 Which part of this story [Hazrat] Zahra (peace be upon her)’s home invasion] matches with the courage of Mr. Hero’s courage and brevity, Ali Ibn Abi Taleb, who was always dominant over others in his life, companions were with him to fight with enemies in battles, he was counted as a big threat for enemies, and he talked to them and handled their issues and his wife’s matters.

As if he was not the one who helped Allah’s prophet (peace be upon him [and his family]) at the night of Migration [Hijra], in Ohod and Kheibar battles, and in all dangerous situations by endangering his life.


(Why does not Al-Hashemi names Amir Almomenin battles with Ayeshe, Talhe, Zobair, and Moaviye as examples and denies the conflict among Omar, Abu Bakr, and him? Is battling with them lie and false?

If we consider his courage and bravery, why he did never participate in conquests of Abu Bakr and Omar? Or they want to claim that he lost his courage and bravery after prophet (peace be upon him and his family)’s death?!!)

Why has Islam turned into a religion of intrigue and revenge? (They mean Shia)

Sirs! O Allah’s prophet (peace be upon him [and his family])’s companions! We are doing our best to remove intrigue and foster Islamic tolerance culture among Muslims and limiting the revenge and intrigue culture.

I have never a nation in the world that there is such revenge in their religion! I asked Jewish: is revenge the approach of your religion? They said: no! There is nothing like this.

I asked England Christians: Is it your approach that you get close to your Allah? They said: never! Christ came to us to prevent us from doing these works….

Ok! So why do we see intrigue, disagreement, conflict, and… only among Muslims and in Islam and the approach of our revenge is long continuing? Why?!


(According to countries’ statistics, more than 80 percent of innocent people who were killed in Iraq war which was started by West and Europe are Shias. Were they killed by Shias?! And also in Afghanistan …

Is not showing these kinds of programs and materials in such channels the best example of trick, intrigue, revenge, and hatred? The properties that Al-Hashemi is requesting from known resources do not lead to hatred, revenge, and intrigue? And whether holding mourning ceremonies for prophet’s daughter and his grandson is revenge or respect and commemorate?)

How long? O scholars be afraid of Allah! O those who have the claim of science and knowledge all over the world be afraid of Allah and have virtue! Look at books that are among you. Every liar has written a book, made a cover for it, and we believe in it and resort to it.

And now, Sheikh Muhammad Al-Khazaee’s criticism on Mr. [Dr. Huseini] Qazvini’s speeches. Go ahead please!

Sheikh Mohammad al-Khazaee’s speeches:

Al-Khazaee: In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful.

I say hello to whole the Iraqi nation and all my dear Arab and Muslim brothers who are watching Al-Mostaghela channel.

I say hello to [Dr. Huseini] Qazvini and I really appreciate him that he, as an expert in this issue which is an important subject, accepted this channel’s invitation.

I said from the beginning that I’m not experts in these sciences, but I agreed to come; the result whatever it is! And based on what Dr. Huseini Qazvini said, only two issues were left [that I add them.]  

Narrations that imply invasion while no invasion has happened:

Evidence from al-Aghd al-Farid book:

First: in ”Alaghd Alfarid” book, Vol.4, P.247, it has brought that:

Those who refused to swear allegiance to Abu Bakr were Ali and Abbas and Zobeir and Sa’ad Ibn Ebade. Ali and Abbas and Zoberi were sitting in in Fatima’s house until Abu Bakr sent Omar Ibn Khattab toward them to make them out of house. He ordered that if they refused to come out of house, fight them! So Omar went toward Fatima’s house while he had fire in his hand to burn the house if they refuse. Fatima said: O Khattab’s son! Have you come here to burn our house?! Omar said: yes; unless you swear to allegiance like other people. At this time Ali came out of home and sworn allegiance to Abu Bakr.

Abu Shavareb: in fact nothing happened.

Al-Khazaee: no, nothing happened.

Evidence from Alemame Valsiyase book:

Second: in Alemame Valsiyase book narrates from Imam Fghih Ibn Muhammad Abollah Ibn Moslem Ibn Ghatibe Dinvari that:

Abu Bakr asked about those who did not swear allegiance and had gathered up with  [Hazrat] Ali [Peace be upon him]. So he sent Omar to them. He went to their house and called them as they had gathered in Ali [peace be upon him]’s house. But they refused to get out of house. Hence he ordered to bring woods. Omar said: I swear Allah, either exit the house or I will burn the house. They said him: O Aba Hafaz! You will burn the house even if Fatima is inside?!! Omar said: yes, even if Fatima is inside. So they all exited house to swear allegiance except Ali [peace be upon him]. Ali [peace be upon him] said: I have sworn to Allah that I do not Exit the house and do not wear my clothes until I gather Qurans.

Dear audience! There are many narrations that say: they burnt the house and there are other narrations that say…

Al-Hashemi cut Al-Khazaee’s speech and did not let him to complete his sentence:

Al-Hashemi: who burnt the house? You said that the name has mentioned…

Al-Khazaee: excuse me! A moment, a moment.

Al-Hashemi: … the narrations that you mentioned are clear. First I mention the narrations that say the hose was burnt, of course cautiously since we have to be careful not to promote lie and false materials.

Al-Hashemi: Let’s hear a point from Mr.[Dr. Huseini] Qazvini.

Al-Khazaee: let me finish my word.

Al-Hashemi: we will dedicate you 3 minutes, like others.

Al-Khazaee: you dedicated 3 minutes to others but you gave me less.

Al-Hashemi: let brother [Dr. Qazvini] to talk… let him …

Al-Khazaee: My dear brothers! Brothers! The problem of this channel is that they do not respect the rights of others and since the channel belongs them, Mr. Al-Hashemi talks any way he wants and does not respect our rights.

Al-Hashemi: Yusof! Yusof! [Since Al-Hashemi was going to cut Al-Khazaee and Dr. Huseini Qazvini’s speech, he is trying to cut the program by calling the program producer and making noise.] Now it is advertising break, let us to see a few advertisements. Al-Mostaghela gives enough time to everybody and all will talk and argue about the subject. They accuse one of the greatest leaders of humankind [he means Omar] with no reason and then berate me. A short break please.


(You see Al-Hashemi treats [Shia Scholars] passively. He cuts Shia scholars’ speech and does not let them to finish their speech and why does he say that they accused Omar with no reason?! Are not the reasons that Dr. Huseini Qazvini brought from Sunni books enough?!)

Things that happened at this part of the program:

Cutting Dr. Huseini Qazvini’s speech by Al-Hashemi at the beginning of his speech though he had committed not to cut guests’ speeches.

Al-Huseini criticize Dr. Huseini Qazvini that he does not know Arabic well!!!

Al-Huseini claims that the mentioning the narrations that are in Sunni books and imply invasion is a kind of insult and curse to Sheikhs!!!

If we assume that this theory is true, the first people who have insulted and cursed them are Sunni authentic narrators and other Sunni scholars who have followed this group and have mentioned these narrations in their books. Some people like: Ibn Abi Shibeh and Tabari and …

This claim is not even true by common people let alone scholars.

Al-Huseini’s claim that Zahabi has called Joveini” Hatib Al layl”

This claim is not in none of Zahabi’s books. The only thing that Zahabi has said about Joveni, is what Dr. Huseini Qazvini mentioned from Tazkerat Alhafaz, Vol.4, P.55, before.

This is a baseless claim that ZarkAli who is one of Sunni contemporary scholars has written in his book -Ala’alam- with no reason.

Even if we assume that Joveini is Hatib Al Layl, as Al-Huseini said, it does not mean that he narrated forged narrations, because if it was so, he would say so about true narrators, since they narrate from forgers or he can say: he has narrated from the narrators of forged narrations because Ibn Jarij Omavi is one of the Sunni great men and one of Sheikhs that has been Hatib Al Lail and it has mentioned in Sehah Sette Hatib Al Lail [and there are narrations in from him in Sahah Sete]:

Malek Ibn Anas has narrated that Ibn Jarij was Hatib Al Lail.

Tahzib Alkamal, Vol. 18, P. 349.

So we conclude that: Hatib Al Lail means that sometimes the narrator gathered narrators that do not have any evidence, but it does not mean that he has narrated true narrations either.

Without bringing any reason, they claim that the narrations are weak, just because those are against Sunni believes

Dr. Abu Shavare’s claim: the sentence from Nahjolbalaghe does not imply invasion

Dr. Abu Shavareb claimed that Amir Almomenin’s speech in Nahjolbalaghe does not imply the invasion!!! And we will point to his answer through discussed materials.

Abu Shavareb’s speech about narrations from Kafi book that shows Imam did not have foreknowledge and a narration that says:

The original narration besides some parts that Dr. Abu Shavareb had omitted is as follow:

Sadir says: Abu Basir, Yahya Bazaz, Dvood Ibn Kathir, and I were sitting in a meeting that Imam Sadegh (peace be upon him) came in angrily and when he sat in his place, said: I’m amazed of people who think I have foreknowledge!!! No one except Allah all mighty knows foreknowledge. I wanted to hit one of my bondwomen that he escaped and hide in a room. I did not know in which room she is.

Sadir said: when the meeting finished and he went to his house, Abu Basir and Masir and I went to him and said: we heard what you said about your bondwoman and we know that you have a great knowledge, but we should not say you have foreknowledge? He said: O Sadir! Don’t you read Quran? I said: yes I do! He said: what have you read from Allah all mighty in Quran? Have you ever seen this verse (Namal Surah, verse 40)?” a man who had knowledge by book; said: I will bring it to you less than an eye blink”, I said: I have read this verse. He said: did you know that man? And do you how much is his knowledge? I said: please you tell me. He said: his knowledge is as much as a drop from the sea. I said: how little!!! He replied: O Sadir! The knowledge that Allah has given me to inform you and others is so valuable and great.

O Sadir! Have you ever read verse 43 from Ra’ad Surah in Quran?

“Muhammad (tell them) Allah’s witness and the one who the science of this book is by him is enough between you and me.” I said: I have read this verse as well. He said: does a person who knows the whole science of book more understanding or the person who knows some of it? I said: a person who knows the whole science of the book. Then he pointed to his chest and said: I swear Allah that the whole science of book is by us, I swear Allah that the whole science of book is by us.

AlKafi, Vol. 1, P. 257.

Dr. Abu Shavareb’s speech about Ibn Abi Shabih’s narration that does not imply the invasion!!!

Dr. Abu Shavareb said in this program that: this narration does not imply the invasion, but we ask him: does not this sentence enough to prove Omar crime?

Is not Omar’s intention to invade Hazrat Fatima (peace be upon her)’s house and scaring them which is certain in this narration enough to deny your claim based on Omar’s affection to Ahlol-Beitand to prove Shia’s claim?

Dr. Abu Shavareb’s claim that Ibn Abi Shabih’s narration is مرسل

Dr. Huseini Qazvini will answer these questions in next parts of the program.

Al-Hashemi’s speech about Omar conquests

I see many of Sunni brothers including brother Hashemi is resorting to Omar conquests to exonerate him from these accusations and cite to this point that Omar has had a very outstanding role in Islamic conquests…

Now we ask them: in your idea the Safavi Shias’s conquests who you accused them of atheism were not in the name of Islam? Or it was just some conquests to govern them?

Moreover we can see in Sunni books that they have written the aims these conquests as obtaining spoils of war and taking more bondwomen and … as I put this material in the website of the institution through internet.

 May Allah’s peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you.

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