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Is Wahhabism nearing its end?
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Is Wahhabism nearing its end?


Ten years before the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the author of the book "The end of Marxism 's life", wrote:

"In my opinion, we must accept this fact, which may be unpleasant and bitter for some, and astonishing for others, that Marxism – and its product Communism - is approaching its demise and is now on the decline. More explicitly, I should say Marxism - according to a freethinking explorer - is a doctrine belonging to the past that must eventually be placed in the archives of history.

Marxism has utilised all its skills and failed in fulfilling its commitments towards human society. Logically and philosophically Marxism is not a live doctrine any more and the dreams that Marx, Angles and Lenin saw were misinterpreted or turned out to be false; with its idealism devastated.

Marxism is heading towards isolation and fragmentation with different brands being implemented in different countries all over the world. The Marxism of Mao1 does not resemble the Marxism of Brezhnev,2 and the Communism of Tito3 is different from the Communism of Enver Hoxha,4 and both these are different from Fidel Castro 's version, and the three are unrelated to…"


Indeed, as predicted, the Marxist Soviet Union, with all the huge claims that the Capitalist State would soon diminish and Marxism would conquer the entire world, suddenly disintegrated and joined the archives of history!

Such a prediction was neither precognition nor divination, but a consequence of Marxism itself.

Today, all evidence and proof suggest that the life-line of the extreme form of Wahhabism has come to an end and it is rapidly losing its advocates and supporters. Today, signs of this demolition have become visible, because there are some fundamental principles of hard-line Wahhabism which cannot survive in the ‘global village’ of the 21st century.

These fundamentals are as follows:

1. Extreme ruthlessness

2. Beliefs forced on others

3. Intense fanaticism

4. Obduracy in acceptance of any new phenomenon

5. Irrational and incorrect understanding of six Quranic terms

Extreme Ruthlessness

The ruthlessness of extremist Wahhabis is not something hidden from anybody. The massacre of Muslims – not the disbelievers - by Wahhabis throughout their life is extremely horrendous.

The flood of Shia blood that got underway in the town of Karbala, the plunder of possessions and its devastation are remembered by all. More shocking than that, was the horrible massacre and bloodshed of the Sunnies of Ta 'ef.

Ruthlessness is the essence of Wahhabism, and the reason for that is their flawed perception of disbelief (Kufr), faith (Iman), monotheism (Tawhid) and Polytheism (Shirk). They easily accuse anybody of polytheistic belief followed by antinomianism, (Ebahe) permissibility of lives and possessions.

The leader of Wahhabis regards the Muslims of our age as worse than the disbelievers of the era of unenlightenment (ignorance). Among the bitter fruits of this savage tree in our era are the "Taliban", "the Sipah e Sahaba", and "Al-Qa 'idah", and we have seen the revolting image each of them has sketched in the minds of the world, and the detriment they have caused to the most peacefully progressing religion, Islam.

The Taliban

They were formed by Mulla Mohammad Omar in 1994, in the southern parts of Afghanistan in the town of Kandahar, and from 1996 to 2001 they dominated the greater parts of Afghanistan.

Afghanistan was invaded by the Soviet Union and Afghan warriors were supported by the US, so Russia 's dominance over Afghanistan did not last long.

After the retreat of the Russian forces in 1989 from the towns of Uzbek and Tajik, other small groups gained relative power. It was at this point that the Taliban forces introduced themselves as the Callers to Islam. Whilst they were predominantly from Pashtoon backgrounds, they decided to take control over the government and were supported and supplied with arms by the U.S!

At the outset of this movement thousands of young refugees, orphans and guardianless individuals joined this group.

The Taliban introduced themselves as the army of peace! Many individuals who were mainly Pashtoon, and fed up with the wars and chaotic conditions dominating the country, supported this group; whereas many of the Taliban leaders were nurtured in the schools of extremist Wahhabis.

The Taliban began to battle in the year 1994 in the southern and western sectors of Afghanistan, and conquered Kandahar, Herat, and other neighbouring towns. In 1995 they reached the suburbs of Kabul but were backed off by state forces. They persisted until they managed to conquer Kabul in 1996, after causing the death of 50,000 people!

Burhanuddin Rabbani and Gulbadin Hekmatyar took refuge in the north of the country, and the Taliban, after occupying Kabul, executed Mohammad Najib-Allah who was ruling the country with the support of the Soviet Union.

Mulla Mohammad Omar, who was the leader of the Taliban forces, established an assembly of the leaders of the Taliban, instituted the bigoted religious rulings of extremist Wahhabism and the ultimate law was executed only by his approval!

The Taliban, through the Kabul radio and loudspeakers fitted in trucks, announced their laws to the citizens. They closed down cinemas and theatres, men were forced with lashes to offer prayers in the mosques, closed down girls ' schools, and prohibited the employment of women outside the house, resulting in shortage of staff in hospitals. This was done when many of the women had lost their men in war and were financially destitute.

The Taliban totally prohibited female education, and campaigned against any sort of modern life expositions however useful and positive they were, and considered all as heresy (bid 'ah). Whilst they reproached and sometimes imprisoned individuals for not growing long beards, they expanded the cultivation of opium in Afghanistan and gave substantial support to the smuggling of narcotic substances, inspite of declaring cigarettes as unlawful! And this was because they earned considerable income from the cultivation and smuggling of opium, with which they used to purchase weaponry and kill their brothers in faith. No one knows how they justified this pragmatic contradiction; smoking prohibited, growing long beards compulsory, but cultivation and smuggling of narcotic substances on a large scale legitimate!

Without holding any trial the Taliban tortured and slaughtered people like sheep, whether they were Sunni or Shia; anybody opposing them was put to the sword. Since Osama bin Laden had accomplished many missions in the 1980s against the Soviet Regime for the good of Afghanistan, the Taliban Regime had prepared a secure location for him, and it was at the end of this battle that he established the group called "Al-Qa 'idah", which played a substantial role in sustaining the Taliban and helped them battle the coalition forces in the north.

Bin Laden was somebody that the Americans had recognized as an expert and talented terrorist since he had attacked the American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in the year 1998, killing 250 and 190 people and wounding more than 1400!

According to the Americans, the September 11 attacks were carried out by Bin Laden, so obviously, the U.S. asked the Taliban to hand over Osama. However, the Taliban could never accept this request, as they were in- debted to Bin Laden and considered him a guardian of their interests.In October, the U.S and U.K begun their attacks against terrorism and directed these attacks towards the Taliban and Al-Qa 'idah.

At this moment the coalition forces in the North who were now supported by the U.S, embarked upon an attack against the Taliban and invaded Kabul and other important towns. The Taliban lost and eventually ceded Herat the same year.

During the peak of power, the Taliban were supported by countries such as Pakistan, Saudi-Arabia and the U.S. However, this support did not last long.

The Taliban movement required seventy million dollars each year in 1995 and 1996, to continue its activities. According to the Indian journal "Strategic Analysis", the bulk of that budget was sustained by Saudi Arabia. "Newsweek" wrote in one of its reports concerning this issue:

"Riyadh is the most important financial supplier of the Taliban movement".

In one of his tours to Saudi Arabia, Mulla Mohammad Omar visited and held discussions with high-ranking authorities in the country, and Riyadh presented a sum of $10 million as aid to the group under his command to continue with their ceaseless brutalities. However, later on everybody turned their backs on the Taliban and the ruling-Taliban was assigned to history



Due to the outrageous brutalities of the Taliban no one defended them when the Americans attacked them, rather they assisted their decline, and despite the problems the Americans had created for the people of Afghanistan, the Afghan people preferred them to the Taliban, realizing that the ruthlessness of the Taliban was greater than that of the Americans.

Army Of The Companions (Sipah E Sahaba)

For centuries in the subcontinent of India, the Shi 'as and the Sunnis lived alongside one another as Muslim brothers, until the time when the fanatic Wahhabis, simulating the army of the companions, began to massacre the Shi 'as manipulating inhuman assassinations. They shed the blood of this party of Muslims including men, women and children. In certain cases they caused retaliation and insecurity pervaded the atmosphere.

The formation and movement of this group according to the world wide media is as follows:

This army that claims to be a follower of the religion of the Prophet of Islam (S) is an extremist group, which incorporates one of the Sunni sects. This group was established at the beginning of the 1980s by a Sunni cleric Maulana Haq Nawaz Jhangavi, which was concurrent with the Islamic revolution in Iran, and the reason for forming this group was to prevent the influence of the Islamic Revolution of Iran on the people of Pakistan.

The most important objective of this group was to condemn the commemoration ceremonies of Imam Husain (‘as) and denigrate the revolution of Imam Khomeini. The "Khilafat-e-Rashed" magazine frequently stated this objective throughout the duration of its publication, and requested the Pakistani government to close down the Shi 'a mosques and centres, and prevent Ashura commemoration events to be held in any school or university. However this request was never accepted by the Pakistani government.

Another ambition of this group was to campaign against a Shi 'a group established in Pakistan in 1979 named the “Tehrik e Ja 'faria”.

Another central cause for the institution of the "Army of companions" was to counter the threat of the growth of Shi 'a military, political and religious strength in the region.

According to the statistics reported by Parvez Musharraf, four hundred people from both groups were killed in bilateral attacks in only one year. Besides their attacks against the Shi 'as, this Army of the Companions attacked Iranians residing in Pakistan on the pretext that they were being supported by a Shi 'a government in Iran which must be removed. Their real aim is to make Pakistan officially be declared a Sunni state.

The military fortress of this group is mainly based in the southern region of Pakistan, mainly the central and populated areas of the Punjab and the suburban areas of Karachi. The number of centres of activity and offices belonging to this group exceeds 500, and in each district of the Punjab province there exists a branch of this group. Approximately one hundred thousand people have registered as members of this group and they have also set up centres of activity in foreign countries, such as: The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Canada, Yemen, India, etc.

Many schools and theological seminaries in the Punjab province are run by this group and it has been reported that many of the Sunni schools of Pakistan, are run under the supervision of the teachers and staff of the Army of Companions, and as part of their programme, they train their personnel to assassinate all opposition.

'Maulana Jhangavi was assassinated in 1990. The very same year he had participated in the national council elections but was not elected. After him Maulana A 'zam Tariq took the responsibility of leading this group.

The Army of the Companions were supported by the Taliban militants and A 'zam Tariq used to publicly announce his support for the leader of the Taliban. He also proclaimed the prohibition of cinema and television.

Initially, A 'zam Tariq supported the Army of Jhangavi (Lashkar e Jhangavi), but in February 2003, denied his links with it, declaring that some aggressive members of the Army of the Companions were fed up with their peaceful movement for instituting Islamic law in the country, and had established this Army of Jhangavi. He denied any collaboration with them henceforth.

A 'zam Tariq was held responsible for leading the assassination missions of approximately 103 cases of Shi 'a leading personalities.

The source of income of this group was at times provided by the rich-extremist Sunnis from Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf, and at times by the civil fanatical parties such as the "Jama 'at-e-Islami" (The Islamic Community), "Jamiat ul Ulema e Islam”(The Assembly of Islamic Clerics) and other groups sharing the same beliefs.

The State of Pakistan decided to halt the movements of all extremist groups on August 14, 2001. Five months after this decision, the Sahaba group (Army of Companions) were still continuing their radical activities. Consequently Parvez Musharraf announced the activities of this group as forbidden and attacked the group and arrested many individuals on January 12, 2002.

After this incident A 'zam Tariq renewed his activities under the new title, "Islamic nation" (Millat-e-Islamiyah) and received excessive sums of money from his foreign promoters. The government of Pakistan announced this group as illegal and arrested its chief members, confiscated their bank accounts and attacked the locations of their assemblies (gathering) in houses, mosques and other places on November 15, 2003.

The government of Pakistan sentenced around 600 of those arrested to pay a fine of Rs. 100,000 each, in order to put an end to further activity by this group under a different title.

In the beginning of October 2001, "A 'zam Tariq" was arrested. While in prison, he participated in the general elections of October 2001, and was elected as an independent member of the Federal Parliament from the Punjab and released from prison on October 30, 2001.

Only a few months after his release, he began his support for the elected government of Zafarullah Khan Jamali and continued his extremist acts against Shi 'as.

He was murdered on October 6, 2003. After his murder the security forces took positions in the region and the next day his followers carried out his funeral with great agitation in front of the parliament building. After that the crowd attacked shops, restaurants and a few cinemas, and set them aflame causing a great deal of devastation


Ruthlessness In Iraq

The hard-line and extremist Wahhabis, in recent years, exceeded all limits of ruthlessness in Iraq, and slaughtered men, women, old, young, Sunni, Shi 'a, Kurd. The earth was coloured by their blood and pieces of their bodies were scattered around streets and deserts. Not only the Muslims but all the people of the world were astonished and terrified by these brutalities and asked if they were blood-thirsty savages. They wished to find out what their objectives were and what religion they professed

Some insist upon associating this ruthless behaviour with the Ba 'th party. This is not correct because the method of suicide attacks was never used by the Ba 'th party. This activity is only performed by the fanatic Wahhabis who consider themselves as Muslims and the rest as idolators (Polytheist or Mushrik) whom they are allowed to kill.

Ruthlessness In Their Own Homeland

More astonishing and terrifying than anything else is that the fanatic Wahhabis do not even show mercy to their fellow Wahhabi compatriots and have extended the scope of ruthlessness to the state whereby, through numerous explosions in Riyadh, Jeddah and other regions, they have slain and murdered a group of their own innocent citizens.

In1425 AH during the Hajj, orators of Friday prayers addressed massive assemblies of Muslims, held many debates, reproached this group, condemned their ruthless conduct and raised the slogan "No declaring others heretics, no terrorising".


The Saudi government was compelled to hold an important conference against "Terrorism" (Irhab) and invite different countries to arrange and organize a plan to campaign against it. By this action the Saudi government wanted to exonerate itself from any involvement with them and to find an effective means of getting rid of them.

Unfortunately, this caused the name of Islam to be associated with ruthlessness, and gave a pretext to the enemies of Islam to defame the religion to the extent that in many countries Muslims are today introduced as a homicide community. The fraudulent campaign of the Americans, in particular the Zionists, helped advertise this issue, whereas Islam is a religion of peace, justice and mercy.

We all know that there are one hundred and fourteen Chapters in the holy Quran all of which, except for one, begin with the name of the Lord of Mercy and Beneficence, that refer to His All-encompassing and All-forgiving Mercy. And that one exception is related to the declaration of war against those who broke the peace treaty with the Muslims. The Quran tells the Prophet of Islam (S) explicitly that he was not made cruel and hard-hearted because that would have dispersed people from around him.

{... وَلَوْ كنتَ فَظًّا غَلِيظَ الْقَلْبِ لاَنفَضُّواْ مِنْ حَوْلِك...}

“And had you been harsh and hardhearted, surely they would have scattered from around you”.


The Islamic traditions are full of such definitions of religion,"Is religion anything other than love?"


; love for God (swt), the Prophet (S), the righteous people and all God 's creation; but the deeds of the Wahhabis granted the worst pretext to the opposing forces to disgrace and defame Islam.

The Roots Of Ruthlessness Imbedded In The Teachings Of The Founder Of Wahhabism

Allow me to present a very brief biography of the founder of Wahhabism through the writings of Eastern and Western historians.

The leader of the Wahhabi creed Mohammad ibn Abdul-Wahhab was born in 1115 AH in Oyaynah, a small town in the Hijaz and passed away in 1207. His father, one of the Hanbali juries, was also his childhood teacher. The author of the book Ezalat-o-shobahat writes: "He was deeply influenced by Ibn-e-Taymiah and Ibn-e-Qayyem-e-Jawzi who both lived in the eighth century, and extracted the main ingredients of his thoughts from them.

Many have written that his father was disturbed by his early thinking, realizing that it contained too many ideological faults, and was worried about his future, so he constantly reproached him for his ideological waywardness.

He travelled to Mekkah and Medinah, stayed there for a period and then went to Iran and studied along-side a scholar named Mirza Jan-e-Isfahani in Isfahan. He then went to Qom for a very short stay and proceeded to the realm of the Othmani government in Syria and Egypt, finally returning to Najd in the Arab peninsula to voice his beliefs.

At first, a group opposed his views and deported him from Harimele, so he went to Ayineh. The news of his misguided ideology reached Suleiman ibn Mohammad, the ruler of Ehsa and Qatif, and he ordered Othman, the governer of Ayineh, to execute him, but as Othman did not want to get defiled by his blood, he ordered his expulsion from the town.

At last he pleaded for refuge in the town of Dar 'iyeh. The governor of the region was Mohammad ibn Saud of the Ghanizeh tribe. Shaikh Mohammad met him and presented his ideology to him goading him with the hope that, with his assistance, he could dominate the whole of the Najd region.

Mohammad ibn Saud, the ancestor of the Saudi kings, felt that he could benefit from the presence of Mohammad ibn Abdul-Wahhab to expand his territorial control, because he had gathered around him a large crowd of enthusiastic and passionate youths who were committed to him and were being prepared by ibn Saud as a force to achieve his ambitions.

Ibn-Saud promised to support and defend the Shaikh under two conditions. Firstly, the Shaikh must not have any contact with anybody except him, and secondly to still receive that funding that he received every year from the people of Dariyeh! The Shaikh accepted the first and rejected the second obliquely and said: "Hopefully many conquests and great spoils, more than the funding of Dariyeh, become your fortune".

However it shouldn’t be forgotten that the spoils Shaikh Mohammad was expecting were in the first place the wealth of the Muslims of the Hijaz, Mekkah and Medinah and, thereafter, other Muslim countries who did not obey him, because he regarded everybody except his followers as idolaters and considered their blood and wealth as admissible.

The followers of Mohammad ibn Abdul-Wahhab attacked different towns of the Hijaz, accompanied by large scale massacres, bloodshed and plunder to propagate Wahhabism, or in fact, for power through conquest. After the death of Mohammad ibn Abdul-Wahhab the kings of Saud continued with his scheme and extended the circle of their reign, dominating the whole of Najd and the Hijaz.

Amongst the most horrendous actions recorded in the history of Wahhabism, also confessed by the Wahhabi historians, was the horrendous massacre of the people of "Ta 'ef". More horrifying than that was the massacre of the people of Iraq and Karbala. The Wahhabis, since 1216 AH, under the pretext of spreading their definition of Tawhid attacked Najaf and Karbala several times.

Many of the people of Karbala visited Najaf as a pilgrimage to Imam Ali’s Shrine (‘as). The Saudis made a surprise attack on Karbala, pulled down the city-walls, entered the city, murdered thousands of people in the streets and markets, irrespective of whether they were women and children, and plundered whatever they found in their way. They attacked Imam Husain 's Shrine (‘as), which was decorated with innumerable pieces of exquisite craftsmanship, ravaged the shrine and took all the ornaments and precious materials with them.

Some have reported one hundred and fifty thousand dead! Streams of blood flowed in the streets of Karbala, and the interesting part is that they call this deed 'Striving in the way of Allah to spread ‘Tawhid ' in a Muslim country!

The events of Karbala are reported by many historians. You can refer for details to The history of the Arabian Saudi State, written by the oriental scholar Nasi Lif, and Miftah al-Karamah by Sayyid Jawad Ameli, and other books written on this topic.


In any case, Mohammad ibn Abdul-Wahhab has written several concise books in which he has openly mentioned his beliefs. He was barely literate and possessed little knowledge of the Islamic sciences because he had never studied in the main Islamic seminaries and alongside the great scholars of the past. Because of this, his belief system was extremely flawed and erroneous. Unfortunately, he insisted upon the mistakes pointed out to him by scholars.

One of his books is called Kashf al-Shubuhat (Unveiling doubts). This small book is written to answer the criticism leveled against him by mostly Sunni scholars.


The following points constitute the belief system of the Wahhabis and are sufficient to show where the roots of ruthlessness originated from:

1) Muhammad bin Abdul-Wahhab had an erroneous concept of Tawhid (monotheism) and Shirk


(Polytheism). He regarded all those who beseech intercession from the Prophet of Islam (S) besides their Lord –when it complies very explicitly with the Quran and Hadith – as infidels (Kafir) and Polytheists (Mushrik) and considers their life, wealth and women as admissible.

For sure all the Muslims, including both Shi 'a and Sunni seek intercession from the Holy Prophet (S) besides Allah (swt), and so their lives, wealth and women are permissible to the Wahhabis!

2) They have gone even further than that and state explicitly: For two reasons the believers of our era are worse than the disbelievers of the era of the Holy Prophet (S), whom His Holiness (S) fought against.

Firstly, the disbelievers of the Prophet 's (S) era resorted to other than God only while they were in a state of repose, but -according to the Quranic Verses- they called sincerely upon God only whilst they were ensnared by a calamity (for instance when they were trapped in turbulent sea waves).

{فَإِذَا رَكبُوا فِي الْفُلْك دَعَوُا اللَّهَ مُخْلِصِينَ لَهُ الدِّينَ فَلَمَّا نَجَّاهُمْ إِلَى الْبَرِّ إِذَا هُمْ يُشْرِكونَ}

"when they board the ships they invoke Allah putting exclusive faith in Him, but when He delivers them to land, behold, they ascribe partness [to Him]"


But the disbelievers (polytheists) of our age resort to other than God in the two states together, both at comfort and calamity.

Secondly the polytheists of the un-enlightenment15 (Jāhiliyyah) epoch worshipped wood and stone, which were the creations of and obedient to God, but the disbelievers of our age worship wrongdoers (it seems that they are referring to some of the Sufi Priests)


so their blood, wealth and women are even more certainly admissible.

3) Another example of their ruthlessness is the discourteous manner in which they address the group of prominent Sunni scholars during discussions, using offensive and rude names, for instance:

Oh you disbeliever! أيها المشرك))


Enemies of God! ( (اعداءالله


The disbelievers have some other doubt!


للمشركين شبهة أخری

Those ignorant disbelievers!


(هـؤلاء المشركين الجهّال)

The enemies of Tawheed (monotheism)! (اعداء التوحيد)


One illiterate and unlearned individual prevails over one thousand scholars of disbelievers (Muslims who believe in intercession Shafāah)!


The leader of this creed has attained very little from the Islamic sciences and it appears that being annoyed by the criticism of great scholars, he addresses them by various offensive names and accuses everyone of ignorance, polytheism shirk and disbelief, whereas the Holy Quran states explicitly:

{...وَلاَ تَقُولُواْ لِمَنْ أَلْقَى إِلَيْكُمُ السَّلاَمَ لَسْتَ مُؤْمِناً تَبْتَغُونَ عَرَضَ الْحَيَاةِ الدُّنْيَا...}

"Do not say to someone who offers you peace, 'You are not a believer ', seeking the transitory wares of the life of this world"


Green Light To Ruthlessness

Considering the above it can be understood why the Taliban, Al-Qa 'idah and other fanatic Wahhabis easily shed the blood of other Muslims in different parts of the world and raid their properties. The massacre by the Taliban in Afghanistan has mostly been of Muslims, (including both Sunni and Shiah) and the blindfolded killings and assassinations by Al-Qa 'idah and fanatic Wahhabis in Pakistan and Iraq have all been of Muslims.

Who caused these groups to be so relentless? The same individual who said non-Wahhabis are polytheists and declared admissible (Mubāh) the lives and properties of polytheists (disbelievers). It isn’t surprising that the blood they have shed has mainly been Muslim blood and all the wealth that was raided, the wealth of Muslims.

Ruthlessness And A Raging Strike To The Pillars Of Islam

Throughout history no one has caused more harm to Islam than the fanatic Wahhabis, the Islam that has been a religion of mercy and compassion, that advises man to begin every deed in the name of the most Merciful and Compassionate;24a religion that states that even if disbelievers approach you to question you about Islam give them shelter so that they hear the Quranic Verses, then deliver them safely to their homes (whether they embrace Islam or not);25 a religion that urges man to show kindness in turn for meanness so that the stubborn enemies would become pliant and befriend them;26 a religion that asks; "Is religion anything other than loving each other?"


They presented such an exquisite religion (Islam) so formidably that made both friend and enemy weary of it!

The true essence of Islam is always prepared to perform its job and make human beings "Enter Allah 's religion in throngs"


group by group, but unfortunately, the acts of this ruthless and fanatic group have become a threat to the spread of Islam and Muslims globally.

Oh Lord! Bestow your guidance upon them!

Strange Contradiction

Their government that has come to power under the patronage of this creed, has established political, economic and cultural relations with all the countries of the world – Islamic and non-Islamic countries – denoting that they are friends with all the disbelievers (polytheists)!

Furthermore, they have transformed the whole of Mecca and Medina into a concentre of the most beautiful hotels to entertain the Muslim Polytheists who come every year to perform Hajj and Umrah and are served with immense hospitality!? Why? You see, these Polytheists fill their treasury.

The Holy Quran asserts that Polytheists are unclean (Najes) and permission to enter Masjid-ul-Haraam (The holy Mosque in Mecca) is forbidden to them, even if poverty is feared, for the Lord will sustain the believers out of His grace.

{يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُواْ إِنَّمَا الْمُشْرِكُونَ نَجَسٌ فَلاَ يَقْرَبُواْ الْمَسْجِدَ الْحَرَامَ بَعْدَ عَامِهِمْ هَذَا وَإِنْ خِفْتُمْ عَيْلَةً فَسَوْفَ يُغْنِيكُمُ اللّهُ مِن فَضْلِهِ إِن شَاءَ إِنَّ اللّهَ عَلِيمٌ حَكِيمٌ}

"O you who have faith: the Polytheists are indeed unclean: so let them not approach the Holy Mosque after this year. Should you fear poverty, Allah will enrich you out of His grace, if He wishes. Indeed Allah is all-knowing all-Wise."


How come the same polytheists happen to become monotheists and are received warmly with love and compassion as "Guests of God"


, with major and minor lending them their homes?!

We Declare Unequivocally

The undersigned, as a servant of the Islamic sciences, states loudly and clearly that this Wahhabi sketch of Islam is not by any means true Islam. It is a personal perception of individuals who have little knowledge of the Islamic sciences and a unanimous majority of the Islamic clerics are opposed to that. In the final section of this book we will clarify through explicit Quranic Verses and Islamic traditions their mistaken perception so that the moderate individuals amongst them who feel duty-bound to logic and reasoning can know that the straight path lies elsewhere.

I would request everyone to join hands and call out with one voice that this little fanatic group does not represent true Islam. It is obvious that such an ideology cannot survive in the world today, and is on the decline. We must present Islam which is a religion of mercy in its true essence so that it is accepted and can continue its evolution in the world and influence minds and hearts.

More peculiar than anything else is that the ruthlessness of this group controls the government that they themselves brought to power (the government of the descendants of Saud


) and has set up horrifying assassinations in the Saudi kingdom. The Saudi government has confessed to their being a threat to its citizens and has decided to restrain them. It has reconsidered the teachings of Wahhabi religious schools, and has displaced radical fanatics from leading the mosques, which itself is another sign of the end of Wahhabism, as it now has no place even where it came into being.

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  • 10.هل الدين إلا الحب؟
  • 11.تاريخ المملكة السعودية، تاريخ العربية السعودية، عنوان المجد في تاريخ نجد.
  • 12. – Amongst those who have written expositions to this thesis is Mohammad-ibn-Saleh Al-Othaimin (محمد ابن صالح العثيمين), who was relatively moderate and intellectual but unfortunately, either due to the threat of losing his position or for dissimulation (تقيه), tried to become the justifier.
  • 13. – Associating other deities with God.
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  • 15. – Pre-Islamic Arabian age of ignorance.
  • 16. – He says:
    اعلم أن شرك الاوّلين أخفّ من شرك اهل زماننا بأمرين، احدهما: انّ الاوّلين لا يشركون و لا يدعون الملائكة والاولياء و الاوثان مع الله إلا في الرخاء و أ ما الشدة فيخلصون لله الدعاء كما قال تعالی: {فإذا ركبوا في الفلك... } الامر الثاني: أن الاوّلين يدعون مع الله اناساً مقرّبين عندالله...و اهل زماننا يدعون اناساً من افسق الناس. (شرح كشف الشبهات، صفحة 100)
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  • 24. – Every affair in which the name of Allah is not mentioned is indeed futile.
    كلّ أمرٍ ذي بالٍ لم يذكر فيه اسم الله فهو أبتر (تفسير البيان، جلد
    ۱، صفحة 461)
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  • 30.ضيوف الرحمن.
  • 31.آل سعود.


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