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Is “Imamate and Policy” book written by “Ibn Qutaybah al-Dinawari”?
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Is “Imamate and Policy” book written by “Ibn Qutaybah al-Dinawari”?

 translated by: Muhammad hassan heidary

    Doubt description:

 “Imamate and Policy” book isn’t written by “Ibn Qutaybah al-Dinawari” and researchers hesitate about ascribing this book to him. Ascribing this book to him has been criticized by Oriental researchers and Muslim and no one confirms it.

The major reason of researcher is that no one has said the name of “Imamate and Policy” book in the list of his works.

“Dozy” {oriental researcher} believes that this book is neither old nor authentic; because it contains historical mistakes and imaginary and unreasonable narratives, that’s why ascribing such poor book to “Ibn Qutaybah” is impossible.


The original narrative of “Ibn Qutaybah”:

قال وإن أبا بكر رضي الله عنه تفقد قوما تخلفوا عن بيعته عند علي كرم الله وجهه فبعث إليهم عمر فجاء فناداهم وهم في دار علي فأبوا أن يخرجوا فدعا بالحطب وقال والذي نفس عمر بيده لتخرجن أو لأحرقنها علي من فيها فقيل له يا أبا حفص إن فيها فاطمة فقال وإن فخرجوا فبايعوا إلا عليا فإنه زعم أنه قال حلفت أن لا أخرج ولا أضع ثوبي علي عاتقي حتي أجمع القرآن فوقفت فاطمة رضي الله عنها علي بابها فقالت لا عهد لي بقوم حضروا أسوأ محضر منكم تركتم رسول الله صلي الله عليه وسلم جنازة بين أيدينا وقطعتم أمركم بينكم لم تستأمرونا ولم تزدوا لنا حقا.

“Ibn Qutaybah Dinawari” – Imamate and Policy – vol. 1, p 16 searched by “Khalil Mansur” and vol. 1, p 30 searched by “Shiry” and vol. 1, p 19 searched by “Zayni”.

One of doubts that Wahhabis discuss and in fact, by discussing such doubt they want to run away from mentioned realities in this book, is “Imamate and Policy” book isn’t written by “Ibn Qutaybah Dinawari”.

Since “Ibn Qutaybah Dinawari, died in 889 AD, is one of the well-known scholars and elders of Sunni in Literature, History, Fiqh, Hadith, Quran science and… and Wahhabis can’t question his reliability, they try to question ascribing “Imamate and Policy” book to him and lapse it.

So, it’s necessary to us to search about it and answer what they say:

Firstly: this book has been printed in “Egypt” and other countries with the name of its author “Ibn Qutaybah Dinawari” and even several manuscripts of this book is available across the world; including in “Egypt”, “Paris”, “London”, “Turkey” and “India” libraries.

Secondly: as long as Islamic scholars are alive, relying on the sayings of oriental researchers such as; “Duzi” and … is blow the dignity of an Islamic researcher and why do we have to rely on saying of oriental researchers who deny the existence of messenger of Allah [PBUH] in many cases? It shows that Sunni friends don’t have acceptable reason that they refuge to oriental researchers.

Thirdly: many of Sunni scholars; even their contemporary elders and scholars, have restated that this book is written by “Ibn Qutaybah Dinawari” and they’ve relied on this book quoting historical narratives, we mention to some of these Sunni scholars in brief:

1: “Ibn Hajar Haythami”:

“Ibn Hajar Al-Haythami” – Tathir al-Jenan was al-Lisan” – p 72

2: “Ibn Arabi Maliki”:

He’s quoted issues from “Imamate and Policy” book and affirms that ascribing this book to “Ibn Qutaybah Dinawari” is correct:

“Ibn Arabi Maliki” – al-Awasim men al-Qawasim – vol. 1, p 261

3: “Najm al-Din Umar ibn Muhammad Macci” known as “Ibn Fahad” says in his book:

و قال ابومحمد عبدالله بن مسلم ابن قتيبة في كتاب الامامة و السياسة....

“Ibn Qutaybah” says in “Imamate and Policy” book…

“Ibn Fahad”- Ithaf al-Wara be Al-Akhbar Umm al-Qura – incidents of the year 93 AH

4: “Abu Abdullah Tanuzi” known as “Ibn Shabat”:

“Al-Tanuzi” – Al-Silah al-Samtiyah – secon season, chapter 34

5: “Taqi al-Din Fasi Macci”:

“Fasi al-Macci” – al-Aqd al-Thamin – vol. 6, p 72

6: “Ysuf Elban”: he’s presented biography of “Ibn Qutabah” and mentioned to his book:

2 الإمامة والسياسة ابتدأ فيه بذكر فضل أبي بكر وعمر. مط النيل 1322 جزء 2 بتصحيح محمد محمود الرافعي مصر 1327 ص 395 مط الفتوح الأدبية جزء 2 1331 ص 181 و 184.

“Yusuf Elban” – Mu’jam al-Matbo’at al-Arabia – vol. 1, p 211

7: “Farid Wajdi” writes:

اورد العلامة الدينوري في كتابه الامامة و السياسة....

Allameh “Al-Dinawari” says in “Imamate and Policy” book.

“Farid Wajdi” – encyclopedia of al-Qiran al-Eshrin – vol. 2, p 754

And he writes in another book:

... كتاب الامامة و السياسة لابي محمد عبدالله بن مسلم الدينوري المتوفي سنة 270 هـ.

Haman – p 749

8: Doctor “Ahmad Zaki”, well-known contemporary author and master of Arabic at “Egypt” university quotes issues from “Imamate and policy” book and ascribes it to “Ibn Qutaybah Dinawari”:

وزاد ابن قتيبة في الامامة والسياسة: والله يا أهل العراق ما أظن هؤلاء القوم من أهل الشأم إلا ظاهرين عليكم.

“Ahmad Zaki Safwat” – Jamharat al-Khitab al-Arab – vol. 1, p 422

وزاد ابن قتيبة في الإمامة والسياسة: فرق الله بيني وبينكم وأعقبني بكم من خير لي منكم وأعقبكم.

Jamharat al-Khitab al-Arab – vol. 1, p 426

نص آخر لخطبة طارق. وروي ابن قتيبة هذه الخطبة في الإمامة والسياسة بصورة أخري.

Jamharat al-Khitab al-Arab – vol. 1, p 426

As you saw many Sunni scholars and elders have ascribed “Imamate and Policy” book to “Ibn Qutaybah Dinawari”.

Fourthly: despite of some of Sunni elders have accepted that this book is written by “Ibn Qutaybah Dinawari” and confirmed bitter and unpleasant facts of the beginning of Islam, they’ve criticized him that why he’s not done his task in censoring facts and distorting history! They’ve said that like others, he had to avoid quoting these realities!!

“Ibn Arabi” says in “Al-Awasim men al-Fawasim” book:

ومن اشد شيء علي الناس جاهل عاقل أو مبتدع محتال فأما الجاهل فهو ابن قتيبة فلم يبق ولم يذر للصحابة رسما في كتاب الامامة والسياسة ان صح عنه جميع ما فيه

Amongst the most difficult and the most horrible affairs in the society; are unaware scholar and tricky “Bid’ah” maker;

But unaware scholar like “Ibn Qutaybah Dinawari” who hasn’t observed the habit of {censuring} about sahaba in “Imamate and Policy” book; if ascribing all its issues to him is true {There is no doubt in ascribing this book to him; but he hesitates if all issues are correct or not?} .

“Ibn Arabi” – Al-Awasim men al-Qawasim – vol. 1, p 261

If there wasn’t any other reason in ascribing this book to “Ibn Qutaybah” unless this saying of “Ibn Arabi”, it’d be enough for those seeking truth; because not only this confession proves ascribing this book to “Ibn Qutaybah”, but it sheds light on Sunnis’ motive in denying ascribing this book to him very well.

Sunnis believe that it’s compulsory to historians and hadith narrators to remain silent when they face news related to sahaba’s bad attitude and censor them.

When avoiding of quoting sahaba’s altercations is compulsory, lack of quoting their oppressions toward hadrat “Ali ibn abi Talib” [a.s] and hadrat “Fatimah” [a.s] and rest of “Ahl al-Bayt” [a.s] is naturally more compulsory in their perspective.

What interesting is that Mulavi “Abdulhamid Ismail Zehi”, the leader of Friday prayer of Sunni in “Zahedan”, says in his interview:

We’re obligated to keep sahaba respect, we don’t say sahaba are infallible and don’t commit sin; but we don’t have to mention to their mistakes rather than remembering their good deeds…

Call of Islam magazine – Dar al-Uloom seminary school in Zahedan – first year, Num. 4, p 11


As Sunni elders have confessed, “Imamate and policy” book is written by “Ibn Qutaybah Dinawari” and Sunni motive in denying this fact is hiding realities that “Ibn Qutaybah” has told them frankly.

Good luck.



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